100 Everyday Adventures

I have decided that 2014 is going to be an amazing year, so I bought Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Amazing Year Life and Biz workbook to help me create it.

Out of the workbook, I bring you:

100 Everyday Adventures!

or, things I’m going to do this year.



1. Create a foundation of physical health to build my life upon as my number one priority.

Enter #projectMILF! You may have heard me say that pregnancy was pretty tough on my body (and soul). I had hip issues that meant I couldn’t exercise for most of the pregnancy, and I ate a LOT of chocolate and ice cream. Like, a lot. So number one, I want to move my bod, and eat things that support both my health and my happiness!

2. Quit sugar for 6 months – fruit only from 1 Jan – 30 June

Wellllll, January didn’t go so well with this one, as I found that eating fruit kept derailing me. So I went sugar free for FebFast! No fruit, no sugar, no sweeteners. So a month late but so far huge success!

3. Consistently do my CHEK training.

My Personal Trainer is rad, and she’s a CHEK therapist. Watch this space for #projectMILF pics, I’ve been moving my buns a lot!


4. Have a dentist appointment

Most people probably don’t think they need this on their annual To-Do list, but… I haven’t been to the dentist in 5 years. Eeeeek!! I hope the oil pulling has helped, or things could get nasty in the chair.

5. Get my moles checked.

I live in a sunny country, people!

6. Make and eat bone broth

7. Make and eat saurkraut

8. Have a physio appointment in January

Done! This was to check my hip post-pregnancy and birth, and the good news is I’m doing well!

9. Fix my bike tyres and go for bike rides

10. Do some post-natal mums and bubs yoga

11. Swim in the ocean regularly during summer

12. Go for regular beach and bush walks

13. Drink green smoothies again



14. Have connected and loving relationships with my family and friends

15. Focus on my relationship with my mum

16. Connect with my in laws on skype regularly

17. Send 52 cards

18. Continue and complete the #Charlie365 project

Here’s a cute one for you!


19. Finish alphabet dating

20. Have 12 date nights with the hubster

21. Eat together at the table weekly

22. Join gymbaroo with the little dude

23. Read books to the little dude

24. Visit two friends in different cities

25. Cultivate friendships with 13 particular friends

26. Be involved with my mothers’ group

27. Host 6 dinner parties

28. Connect with 3 new friends this year

29. Buy birthday presents for friends



30. Foster my spirituality and raise my vibration

31. Have one evening per week screen free

32. Have monthly energetic work/kinesiology/acupuncture/hypnotherapy etc

I have recently signed up for Soul Sessions with the beautiful Samantha Nolan-Smith, and have been doing heavy duty energetic clearing in the first few months of this year.

33. Go to Radiance Dance

34. Meditate regularly throughout the year.

If you’re interested in meditation, check out the Chopra Centre’s free programs. I use them all the time.

35. Do a laughing yoga class

The husbandito didn’t know this was on my list, and sent me a train-to-be-a-laughing-yoga teacher thing. A sign from the universe, perhaps?

36. Avoid gossip


Home Sweet Home

37. Make our home a sanctuary

38. Get a fold out couch for little C’s room

39. Get our filing organised

It’s always a party at The Everyday Adventure headquarters! 😉

40. Sort out the pictures on the wall.

They’re hung all mishmash on the hooks that were there. I want to make it look stylin’.

41. Print and frame a wedding photo. (Our wedding was over two years ago!)

42. Get spare tyre patched.

43. Sort out wills. (Thought this one was important now that we have a bambino)

44. Get a toybox

45. Tidy my desk area monthly.

I let clutter take over my life sometimes, and need to clear the clutter to clear the energy.


Live an Adventure

46. Lead a joyful life full of fun and adventure.

47. Go to every Sydney farmers’ market

So far this year I’ve been to: Eveleigh, Double Bay, Leichardt, Entertainment Quarter and Bondi. More to come! 


48. Have a day at Watemalo Beach

49. Compete in an adventure race.

Tick! Last weekend I completed the Miss Muddy obstacle race. So much fun! I’m going to see if I can find another one to do. This time I may do a bit more running training…

7.-Sunday-250. See 3 movies

I’ve already managed to do this one – The Book Thief at the Centennial Park Moonlight Cinema (that I love); Wolf of Wall Street, solo one rainy afternoon while the husband looked after the child; and American Hustle. All good picks. And I take selfies in the cinema.


51. Put together photo albums from years past

52. Spend a day at the Coogee Ladies’ Baths

I can’t believe it took me 18 months of living in Coogee to get here. Best rockpool in Sydney. That’s me down there!


53.  Do a visitors wall (which will require getting a polaroid camera or small printer)

54. Visit a city I’ve never been to

55. Have a ‘We survived the first year party’ when the little dude turns 1

56. Get my violin down from the cupboard and play it again (it’s been 8 years. I may sound like a screeching cat)

57. Find some music I love to listen to

My latest fave is:

58. Have a weekly riding lesson.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll know this one is off to a flying start!


59. Work at the stables

60. December: have a festival of Christmas and go completely overboard

61. December: have an advent calendar

62. Try anti-gravity yoga

63. Do a barre class

64. Go to No Lights No Lycra dance class


Travel and Wanderlust

65. Travel as much as possible

66. Go to the World Domination Summit in the USA in July

67. Go on a family camping trip (the last one we had was when the little dude was still in bump form)

68. Go to my sister in law’s wedding in May. (ok, so this is a given, but it’s still a trip away, and still something I want to do!

69. Go away with our dude-a-liscious Dutch friends following the wedding.

Tickets to Sardinia booked!!

70. Go to a wedding in Italy in August followed by a wedding in the UK in September

71. Visit my brother and his family on the Gold Coast twice this year.

72. Visit my sister in Melbourne.

This is coming together as an unexpected impromptu trip! I’m actually there AS YOU READ THIS*! Awesome. This is us being nong-brains last time I visited.


73. Visit my cousin and her awesome family in Forbes, country NSW.

74. Go to a country town festival.


Pure Pampering

75. Look after my appearance, and give myself permission to spend money on that!

76. Get 4 haircuts this year (most people probably don’t need this as a goal. The last time I got a haircut was in June 2013. It is 1 March as I write this!)

77. Get 2 pedicures with friends.

78. Do seasonal clothes shopping

I did a spring shop, using a stylist and everything. Success!


79. Have 3 massages

80. Repeat affirmations


Learning and Growth

81. Learn new things and expand my mind

82. Read every book in the house that I haven’t read yet

83. Do a course through the Khan Academy

84. Do some type of creative or artistic course


Biz Love

85. Actively grow my business and shape my career

86. Do weekly blog posts

87. Get 12 guest posts published

88. Launch the Everyday Adventure challenge!

89. Get my list to xx subscribers.

90. Do a Laneways Learnings presentation

91. Host a games day I’ve been talking about for ages!

92. Get a new laptop

93. Release my maternity leave

94. Get to a place where I’d be happy being a mentor at my old school

95. Join a business Mastermind or find a coach


96 – 100 Still to be determined, I have 5 spots! Put your suggestions in the comments below!


What’s on your bucket list this year? Let me know in the comments below!

xx Sam

*If you read this when it was posted. At a later date, I cannot guarantee my whereabouts.



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    March 5, 2014 at 3:52 PM (4 years ago)

    …..not that the big dude isn’t a cutie too. But he can’t compete with the little guy.

  2. Tory
    March 5, 2014 at 3:50 PM (4 years ago)

    I can’t get over how much the little dude looks like your brother Sambo!! He’s such a cutie (the little dude, not the big one!)

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      March 5, 2014 at 4:09 PM (4 years ago)

      I know! He looks SO much like my bro! xx


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