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My Week in Pics – That’s Me!

What a fun week! I love looking back and picking out my photos, and realising what an everyday adventure I really am living. This week I’ve made a bit of a record of the number of photos I can appear in! Monday On Monday the Hubster and I took Little C for a beach walk. […]

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Things I Heart v2

Ten Things I Dig, a Few Days After Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving* so I thought I’d give thanks for all the things I’m loving right now. I’m not into gratitude journaling. I get the idea (give thanks, realise what you have instead of focussing on what’s lacking, yada yada yada) but it feels a bit contrived to me. But life is good at the moment**, […]

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My Week in Pics – Inside, Outside, Moving, Shopping

This week was all about relationships – with myself, with the husbandito and with friends. Monday On Monday I picked up my diary for next year – sssqqquuuuwwweeeeee!!! I love new paper diaries and seeing my days and plans unfold on the page. Excitement*! Tuesday I have a crush on my naturopath. She’s one of […]

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When Life Gets Too Big Keep the Adventures Small

I just got diagnosed with post natal depression. They gave me the Edinburgh Post Natal Screening test when I arrived at the baby health clinic bawling, with a screaming baby hanging off me and I totally aced it! They recommend that you ‘see a health professional’ about how you’re feeling if you score above 10. My […]

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My Week in Pics – Relationships are Everything

This week was all about relationships – with myself, with the husbandito and with friends. Monday On Monday there were a lot more tears from the little guy. We went for a walk and he calmed down for about 15 minutes, so I meditated on a cliff overlooking the ocean. My new mantra for really […]

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My Week in Pics – Some Tears and an Airplane

Monday Monday. Monday was a tough day. Sometimes even Everyday Adventurers don’t have the energy to get out and about. The little dude was not happy, and I spent a lot of time walking around with him strapped to me to stop the tears. The silver lining? He slept that night. Thanks Charlie! Tuesday After […]

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I Ain’t Got Time For No Fun!

I hear (a LOT) from people who just don’t have enough time for fun! To that, I say the dog ate my homework!* You have to choose the life you live, and you can choose it one minute at a time. When you’re really busy and rushed off your feet? That’s when it’s the most […]

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Move and Make it Fun

Moving needs to be fun, or why do it? I’ve never been a fan of slogging it out on the cross trainer, and through uni spent my time running, thinking ow, ow, ow, I hate this, I hate this, I hate this with every step. Awesome way to spend my time, right? Well Future Sounds […]

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My Week in Pics – Mainly Meals and Movies

Monday On Monday I joined a 6 week bikini body challenge, to get my nutrition back on track after turning into a carb monster during pregnancy*. Then I went out for dinner with a friend and ate sushi – the food I missed the most during pregnancy! Tuesday My in laws are visiting to meet […]

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