October 2013 archive


Busy Shmizzy, 5 Steps to Reduce the Rush

Everyone’s got the same 24 hours; it’s how you fill those hours that counts. Do you race around all day feeling busy and frazzled? More importantly, do you use that as an excuse to not really LIVE your life?? Are you too busy being busy to have fun and live an adventure? Are your days […]

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Turn It Off to Turn It Up

It #1 = The TV It #2 = Life I was listening to a philosopher philosophising recently, and he talked about how people rush out of work, and rush home through the traffic and rush into the house, only to turn on the television and sit in front of the flickering blue light all night […]

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Get That One Thing Done

I’m coming at you today with my top productivity tip… Take the weight off your shoulders by getting that one thing done! I’ve been meaning to roll my superannuation from one account to another. For eight months. Yes that’s right, I’ve had this task on my to do list for that long, and every time […]

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The Biggest Thing You’ve Never Regretted

What’s the biggest thing you’ve never regretted? I used to take lots of risks. Then I grew up. Or got older, at least, and started worrying about money, settling down, putting my nonexistent kids through school… and the risk-taking dried up. All of a sudden I realised I was a bit afraid of change (when […]

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