March 2015 archive


Go Have a Bit of Fun!

Hi friends! Today I bring you a (very short) public service announcement. Sometimes we all need a little reminder to make life playful, and after all, that’s why you’ve joined me here right? I hope it gives you a giggle! xx Sam ps. If you can’t see the thumbnail to click on it, you can […]

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What To Do If You’re Thinking ‘Is This It?’

A lot of my clients come to me saying they’ve spent all these years building up a life they thought they wanted. Then they get there. Success! And find themselves looking around at this life they thought they wanted thinking ‘is this it?’ Have you been there? Have you ever looked at your life and […]

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My Love-Hate Relationship With Spanks

I love Spanks. They pull everything in, tighten up my mummy tummy, and make me feel more confident in dresses. But then… I sometimes hate them as well. I went to a party last weekend and wore my groovy new jumpsuit. It’s thin fabric, lovely and flowy. But of course, there’s not much feeling of […]

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