A Christmas Gift Guide for Lovers of Life!

I love Christmas!!! Have you seen the movie Elf? SANTA!!! (please, even if you skip the rest of this article, watch this clip!!)

But this year I’m getting a bit twitchy about the consumer frenzy that sets upon us. So I’ve been doing a little bit of thinking, about how to promote freedom, connection and adventure into my present list.

The Everyday Adventure

I’ve been trying to declutter, and get everything I don’t need or use or love out of my place (I’ve got that feeling that the walls are hemming me in!), so the last thing I want to do is bring more into the place once I get it clear.

How about you? Had enough of ‘things’ and ready for a bit more life?

Here is my bumper list of things to give that take time – the greatest gift of all – and give back freedom, connection, adventure and joy. I’d love to know what else you would add to it! Please leave me a comment with your additional ideas, I’d love some more inspiration.

  • A treasure hunt. Take them on a journey either around the house, around the city or down memory lane.
  • A book of vouchers. One year I gave the big dude two table-tidy-ups, a sol and a stroll (a sunset stroll and chat, drinking a sol beer), some floor tidies and a blow job 😉 All to be redeemed at his will.
  • A picnic. Centennial Park in Sydney is one of my happy places, lying under the trees in the breeze with the breeze blowing is a beautiful place to be.
  • Free babysitting. For friends with parents (speaking as a friend with parent myself) this is a great gift!
  • A snorkelling trip. This one’s a little location specific, but if you live near the coast, find a spot with fish and rocks and hop in the water.
  • Your local version of a snorkelling trip – what adventures can you take near your home?
  • A hike and a holler. I love the connection you create when walking. For some reason the conversation flows freely, so give the gift of the gab to someone, and take them for a walk in nature.
  • A camping trip. It’s like a hike, only better! And longer! And if you do all the organising that is such a wonderful present! If anyone wants to take me camping I would love to join you J
  • Books you have loved. I’m talking second hand ones here, books you’ve read and pre-loved and want to share. Kindle vouchers are another great alternative.
  • Give the gift of a community class – poetry, photography, language. The added benefit is that you’re giving them your time week after week.
  • Create a video about how awesome they are, getting other friends and family to contribute. This could be hilarious, and if you do this, please, PLEASE send it to me so I can watch it as well!
  • A dinner party. Set up some beautiful decorations, home cook a meal (it’s not a competition though friends, just make something you’re comfortable with) cork some wine and let the conversation flow.
  • A meditation course. This can be online (Deepak Chopra and Oprah have some great 21 day challenges available for purchase) or in a class, many are very affordable. This is a beautiful gift of freedom to give someone.
  • Yoga, rock climbing, horse riding, dance classes. Or anything else you can think of here! Classes where they’ll learn something fun, and an added bonus if you go with them. Time, movement, freedom.


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