You don’t have to leave your life to come back to life!


My all-time favourite quote is from Annie Dillard:

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

Because ‘someday’ is right now, and life is happening today.

When you think of the best version of youself, what does she look like?

For me she’s silly, laughs a lot, is curious about everything and lights up a room with joy. But my best self isn’t always the one I have shown to the world.

When I worked at one of the big four accounting firms, I was desperately unhappy, drank far too often to escape it, and lost my joy. There was no space for the real me when I was surrounded by people with values completely different to mine, doing work that sucked me dry.

I ran away to London, found myself, my joy and let the best me back out. Whaddaya know, I met my husband when I was busy being my best me and living with freedom and happiness.

I lost myself again when when my kidlet was born, and I found myself raging around the house screaming that this was never the life I wanted. I felt totally trapped, alone, and as though they would all be better off without me around. Footnote: it turns out that’s what post natal depression looks like in me.

Since then, I’ve been on the long road to returning to myself (again).

So for me, it seems the biggest lesson of my life is to keep finding myself, and recognising when the joyful me isn’t here, and isn’t free. And really, that’s what the Everyday Adventure is all about.

Finding yourself, right where you are.

Sometimes all it takes is some small adventures and a bit of variety in what can become a monotonous life.

Sometimes it’s bigger, and you find yourself making a complete shift of values about who you want to be and the way you want to live.

Both will end up making you a better person, becuase if you’re returning to yourself, then you’re taking the very brave choice to be free.

The struggle is real, and sometimes it feels like wading through soup before you see a glimpse of the you you want to be on the other side of the shore. But the moments when your joy comes out, well that makes it all worthwhile.

Here I am, in my joyful glory on a holiday in New Zealand:

I hope you can see the spark in my eye! I hope even more that you’re ready to put the spark back into yours.

Come on an adventure with me, and find yourself again.

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Xx Sam

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