An Adventure in Alphabet Dating – The A to Z of Romance

Ahhh, the heady glow of new romance…

Everyone loves it, but how do you maintain the excitement after years together?

And if you want to live an adventure, how do you bring your other half with you, so you’re not growing and expanding while they remain locked back where you were trying to grow from?

So the Husbandito and I came up with Alphabet Dating to keep the Romance and Adventure alive!

The participants:

Me, Sam


Hubster, Chris


The Aim: To keep the romance alive, forever!


The Simple Rules:

Take it in turns to arrange surprise dates, themed and in the order of the letters of the alphabet. Aim for something random!

We’ve been working on the Alphabet of Romance for a while (quite a while) and we’re up to V now. So some highlights to inspire you!

C Date


Croquet, Coopers and Cheezels in Centennial Park with a couple of couples. What a way to spend a sunset.

F Date


A Ferry to the FunFair (at Luna Park) where we ate lots of Fairy Floss, followed by dinner at a French restaurant (and a couple of French kisses)

L date


A spelling bee at the Library (that’s me, getting a word wrong. Devestation!), the Lilyfield markets and a Lego exhibition.

O Date


Urban Orienteering. You could also call it ‘getting lost in someone else’s neighbourhood’ but it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

P Date


Pop up camping on Oxford St. That’s right, they set up a campsite INSIDE a shop front, so we ate pizza, and people watched, and camped under the stars.

We’re aiming to reach Z by the time my bump pops (though that will require 5 interesting dates in 3 weeks, and given the speed of A-V may not be possible!) and then start again in family-friendly manner – because having a baby doesn’t have to mean the end of adventure; it can herald the start!!

Will you try to add some alphabet adventures into your life?

Xx Sam

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