Behind the Scenes of a Flow Sessions Workshop

Women join me at Flow Sessions when they’re ready to give themselves the gift of time and a supported space to recognise and share their dreams. I try to get us all laughing, because I love to be silly, and I hold the space for women who are ready for changes.

The Everyday Adventure

There are some common themes amongst the women who come along;

  • The modern mothers’ plague – busyness. We have no time for ourselves, for our dreams, for us.
  • Jobs that make us feel empty. I had one of those jobs, and over the years I was less and less able to justify what I was giving up to remain there, earning a big income. My happiness, my friendships, my relationship suffered.
  • A general desire to be happier. Every single day. Sometimes we only need to make small steps to create big changes in our lives, and these women were here to work out what those steps are for them.

How often do you give yourself the space to look at your life so you can launch back into it with renewed purpose and passion?

The Everyday Adventure

  • For many of the women who join me, this is the first day they’ve spent alone (without the kidlets) for at least a year.
  • For many other women, they are lost in the darkness of a soul-sucking job that they can’t see a way out of.
  • And for others, they’re generally pretty happy, but aware of the groundhog-day-ness of their lives, and are ready to embrace a bit more fun and excitement.

So we start. A roomful of women who are a little nervous, and maybe a little unsure what they’ve got themselves into. We each take a card and write our intention for the day on it.

In a weird coincidence (but is there any such thing?? Spoooooky), one of the girls – who took redundancy the day before so she could spend time and energy looking for a job that lights her up – got the only card that had already been written on. And what did it say? “To give myself some space to get clarity around what job I really want to be doing”. Whhooooaaaa man!

The Everyday Adventure

We start with yoga, to get the blood pumping and the mind clear. While we flow through the vinyassa I ask everyone to consider the quote:

“You are what your deepest desire is.
As your desire is, so is your will.
As your will is, so is your deed.
As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

Do you align your desires with your will and your deeds? A lot of us don’t.

It’s time to live intentionally.

Then we start making friendships, and opening ourselves up to be vulnerable, as that’s the place that real change comes from.

By letting your own light shine you give others permission to let their light shine as well. It’s the same with being open and sharing your story. When you let everything out, then others have permission to do the same.

When my hub and I met, I used to sing off key all the time. An old favourite is Madonna’s Like a Prayer. Out of tune, obviously. For the first year (or so) he refused to sing. At all. No joining in, no karaoke, and certainly no performing for me when I asked him to sing! But after all that time of me singing badly and giggling, he realised it was ok to be silly, and look like a fool, as I love a fool and am one myself.

  • By me being silly, he could be silly.
  • By being open, you allow others to be open.
  • By sharing your story and being vulnerable, you create connection and allow others to do the same.

Have you seen Brene Brown’s TED talk on vulnerability? It’s a good one. If I were bossy I’d tell you to check it out.

So after we’ve shared, and I’ve discovered why we’re each there, we do a fire ceremony around releasing something that’s no longer serving us. Write down what it is you release, throw it in a fire, let go and commit to the change. This might sound cheesy but let me tell you, there’s not a whiff of cheese in there. This is often a highlight for attendees.

I also do a reading right about now, around fear and change. I could share it with you, but I’m going to make you meet me at a future Flow Sessions to hear it!

Then we look forward! What does your perfect day look like? Have you ever even thought about that?The Everyday Adventure

Have you given yourself the space to think about what you want when you don’t have all the ‘shoulds’, ‘have to’s’ and ‘they need this’ hanging over your head?

That’s where we start. Dedicated space to think things through clearly, without the pressures of the kids needing something, or the next task on your to do list looming.

Interesting things sometimes come up here. I realised I love to get out in nature, and want to do that much more than I actually do. One client realised it was really important to her to get up in the morning and go for a walk, so she regularly does now. She also realised just how much she loves going out for brunch, so gives herself permission to do the things she loves a bit more often.

But you know, talk is cheap.

If we don’t actually take action then things never move forward and we just stay where we are. So I make you take action. Well, really, no one can do that apart from you, but I do what I can to set you up for success! One action that doesn’t cost anything, and one action that is pretty friggin scary! Then we break the scary one down into manageable steps.

Also, sometimes you know when a goal doesn’t seem realistic? Well we look at them, and see how you can get what you really need.


One woman wanted to take her family and go travelling around the world with them, but she doesn’t feel like she can do that. We explored what that was about, and she came to the conclusion that she wants dedicated, uninterrupted time exploring with her family, without constantly thinking of the next thing she has  to do.

I suggested half an hour before family time she write down every single thing in her head that she needs to do. Then it’s out, and she doesn’t have to remember it while they’re together. After the family time, she’s got another transition activity to bring her back to the To Do’s (the moden woman’s plague)

So now she might not be in the Caribbean, but she’s spending time with her family and not thinking about anything else. Undistracted, present, full of love and life.

What I’ve left out is how funny I am 😉

The Everyday Adventure

I aim to get everyone laughing and interacting, having fun and feeling free. As this time you take out for yourself is sacred, and infrequent (amirite?) so I want you to get the most out of it that you possibly can.

Any more questions? I’d love to fill you in on the deets of the sessions. I’d love even more to have you there live to find out what it’s all about!!



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