Are you in the Caper Club?

Sydney’s new secret society for social types…

Invite only! We meet on the second Thursday of each month.

I loved doing something I’ve never done before! I got to totally forget about everything other than being in the moment.

Stacey B., Fox Park

I loved meeting new people and doing the fun activities. I laughed at the collaborative drawings we did; an afternoon spending time with girls being silly!

Julie J.

Oh, hey there… I see you. Sitting there reading this while your mind juggles a million other things.

Did I reply to that email? Who said they were picking up food for dinner? What time does Lucy’s after-school sport finish again?

Remember the simple joy of dancing, drawing, degustations… all the things you used to do. Until life got in the way. These days, more important things fill your calendar. And that’s okay.

But, boy, what you wouldn’t give for an extra hour in your day… just one little hour.

Welcome to the Caper Club.

It’s the new invite-only secret society that turns your lunch break into a hand brake.

Give me an hour and I will slow the rat race right down, allowing you time to breathe, to enjoy living, to enjoy laughing…

Instead of spending your hour at the gym or picking up the groceries, let’s take a life drawing class, go on a scavenger hunt or marvel at an interactive art exhibition. Let’s live an unabridged life.

Why? Because your career is a big part of your day, your life and who you are. But as the years roll by, it can also become something of corral – a hamster wheel where you spend umpteen hours in cubicles and meetings and boardrooms. The Caper Club is simply designed to bring entertainment to that containment. It’s your private pass to a more fulfilled you.

A boxed lunch will also be provided for you to take back to the office afterwards. In short – it’s everything you need to power boost your lunch hour and your life.

The Caper Club meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month and will remain a secret until the day in question when you’ll get instructions for where to meet your ladybros.

Applications currently closed.

Leave your name and email here to find out when we’re back!

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Join the Caper Club and show life who’s boss.

What people are saying about Sam and The Everyday Adventure.

How does it work?

  • Q.Where will we be meeting?

    A.The meeting venue will change each month, depending on the activity. It will definitely be within the Sydney CBD. You’ll find out the exact venue the day before the meet up! (and the general location to be sure you can get there before you book).

  • Q.Why is it a secret?

    A.Because as Aristotle said:

    The secret to humour is surprise.

    Let’s bring back some old-fashioned surprising fun and humour.

  • Q.How will I know what to wear?

    A.Just wear what you are wearing to work that day. I won’t ever have you working up a sweat or doing things that mean you need to wear “activewear”. ps. Have you seen this video about activewear? So funny.

  • Q.How many will be in the group?

    A.We’re a maximum of 15 each time. Priority attendence goes to membership holders with monthly tickets being sold if there is space.

  • Q.What do I get with my membership?

    A.Your membership gets you: Guaranteed attendence at all Caper Club events (which means there is a strictly limited number of memberships!); A free BONUS members-only Christmas Caper Club event; Discounted attendence price; Surprise goodies throughout the year!

  • Q.What will we be doing?

    A.The activities will change each month, so you won’t be doing the same thing twice. Possible activities are: life drawing, making flower crowns, taking a photography tour, having a tasting menu at a new restaurant, touring an art exhibition, attending an event.

  • Q.Will lunch be provided?

    A.You’ll receive a lunchbox full of tasty, healthy foods to take back to the office with you. The only time I’ll condone eating at your desk is when you’re spending your lunch hour doing something more exciting!

  • Q.How much does it cost?

    A.For one-off attendence, the Caper Club is usually $47 per rendezvous, with some price variations depending on the activity. The price for annual membership, which includes: Guaranteed attendence at all 10 Caper Club gigs for 2016; A special, BONUS, members-only Christmas event (absolutely free); Surprises throughout the year; A 10% discount (PLUS the free Christmas event) will be announced shortly.

  • Q.What are the Caper Club dates?

    A.We kick off on Thurs 11th Feb, then will be meeting every second Thursday of the month until November. December is reserved for members and comes FREE as part of the membership package.

A Few More Testimonials

Maddy O.

Thank you very much for being such a wonderful facilitator today.

The comments I heard walking out the door were nothing but positive – “I had no idea what to expect but I REALLY enjoyed it”!

Maddy O.


The scavenger hunt that Sam from The Everyday Adventure organised was INCREDIBLE. We were so impressed with how detailed, well thought out and FUN it was!

Marsha, Yes Yes Marsha

Marcis D.

Sam is a genuine treasure.  She is a joy to be around. Her laughter is contagious. Her spirit lights up the room.  The sparkle in her eyes puts you instantly at ease. This event absolutely delighted.

Marcis D., San Francisco

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Applications currently closed.

Leave your name and email here to find out when we’re back!

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