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Turn It Off to Turn It Up

It #1 = The TV It #2 = Life I was listening to a philosopher philosophising recently, and he talked about how people rush out of work, and rush home through the traffic and rush into the house, only to turn on the television and sit in front of the flickering blue light all night […]

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Get That One Thing Done

I’m coming at you today with my top productivity tip… Take the weight off your shoulders by getting that one thing done! I’ve been meaning to roll my superannuation from one account to another. For eight months. Yes that’s right, I’ve had this task on my to do list for that long, and every time […]

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The Biggest Thing You’ve Never Regretted

What’s the biggest thing you’ve never regretted? I used to take lots of risks. Then I grew up. Or got older, at least, and started worrying about money, settling down, putting my nonexistent kids through school… and the risk-taking dried up. All of a sudden I realised I was a bit afraid of change (when […]

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Who Told You What To Like?

I’ve recently become obsessed with a career blogger called Penelope Trunk. She’s a homeschooling, startup business woman with Aspergers who lives on a farm in Wisconsin, and calls it like it is. And due to all that, is hilarious. She writes a lot about homeschooling, and letting kids find their passions and develop them, rather […]

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On a Pony in Iceland (that's me in the middle)

When a Good Job Isn’t Good Enough

I walked away from almost $300,000 a year and a ‘good’ job in January to shape my life on my terms and start to live an adventure. Lots of people didn’t understand. ‘How could you give up such a good job with good conditions and great pay??’ But the thing is, sometimes good pay and […]

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The Everyday Adventure

Meditate or Ruminate

I’ve been trying to meditate. Ok, fine, I did it once and the chatter in my mind ramped up to a whole new level! It was NOISY in there! And that was hard. And then I stopped. A close friend of mine lives in The Democratic Republic of the Congo, doing aid work. Before moving […]

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The London Eye

How Long is a Decade?

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. –          Earl Nightingale I was listening to a lecture this week and in it the question was posed: ‘How long is a decade?’ In my typical fashion I jumped to an immediate conclusion […]

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Here to get happy

Why Are We Here?

I’m Sam. I’m 30-something and I live in Sydney, Australia with my husbandito and a bump that’s about to pop. I spent 10 years in the corporate world before the pull for ‘more’ got too strong for me to ignore. So I qualified as a holistic health coach at IIN in New York, changed my […]

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