I used to manage a team of 25 people in one of Australia’s biggest utilities.

At each end of financial year, every employee had to go through a review process to determine the size of their bonus. A self-assessed percentage was applied to every KPI (that’s key performance indicator, if you aren’t fluent in corporate double-speak) based on how well you’d performed. 60% was meeting expectations, 80-90% was exceeding expectations.

The total bonus paid was then based on those percentages. So if you were meeting expectations across the board, you would be paid 60% of your maximum possible bonus.

I had an excellent woman and a very average guy in my team.

They came into their respective review meetings. The woman, who was one of the top performers in the team, gave herself an average of 60%. The man, who was one of the poorer performers, gave himself an average of 90%. You can see where this is going.

This was not an isolated incident.

Women in the workplace are less likely to:
  • Negotiate for pay rises
  • Ask for the work that they want
  • Highlight and broadcast their achievements
  • Push for flexibility that supports their lives
  • Be confident in their skills and abilities

There are a lot of things that contribute to this, so please don’t think I’m victim-blaming.

Unconscious bias in the workplace, different cultural expectations of men and women, a gender pay gap of 15.3% that hasn’t shifted meaningfully in the past two decades…

all of these things directly correlate to women being given less opportunities, asking for less, and receiving less.

And I think it’s time to challenge it.

Systemic change needs to come from two directions.

One, from the system itself; policies, laws, and regulations need to be adjusted to address the very real issues we face.

Two, from us, the women in the system. We need to include ourselves, ask for what we want and need, and make our voices heard.

This is where I come in.

Sam offers a woman’s perspective on leading and negotiating in the workplace and is passionate about sharing her approach so more of us can rise to the top.

– India

With 14 years of corporate experience, managing teams of up to 25 people, reporting up to Board level, I understand how to navigate the corporate environment.

I more than doubled my salary over a three-year period and always stepped forward in asking for projects I’m interested in and new challenges.

I can help you ask for what you want, too.

Samantha’s coaching helped me transition from a person to a parent without completely losing my mind and her guidance and insights provided much needed perspective, helping build my confidence for the next phase in my life.

– Hannah

Just imagine:

  • Confidently leading pay reviews and salary negotiations
  • Achieving the year-end bonus that you desire
  • Asking – and getting – to work on the projects that excite you at work
  • Improving the way you ‘manage up’, which improves your careers prospects and day-to-day workplace experience
  • Understanding how to navigate flexible work options so you can balance your family and career

How it works

First, we’ll have an obligation-free telephone chat, to make sure we’re a good fit. We’ll discuss what you’re hoping to get out of coaching, how I can help, and whether the two seem to match up.

Coaching sessions are run via skype or telephone, making it easy to fit around the rest of your life. You can duck into a meeting room during the day, or hop onto skype when the kids are asleep, with zero travel time.

Before the first session I’ll give you a few pieces of homework to do. This helps you get the most out of the coaching by ensuring you’re clear on what you want to achieve, and help me give the most to you, by ensuring I understand you and your goals.

And fret not – if part of the problem is you don’t know what your goals are, THAT’S OK! We can uncover them as part of the process.

Sam’s speciality is breaking down my blabbering into bite size problems. She is so good at listening and helping to identify the underlying issues. From there she helped me identify actions that I could take to help resolve my issues. I really felt like I was being supported by a smart, practical, insightful and compassionate coach.

– Kate

Following each session, I’ll send you an email summary, additional resources I think might help you, and 1-3 things to work on during the week(s) until our next session.

Sam’s support offers the accountability, confidence-boost, and momentum to really practice the art of asking for what you want.

– India

If you’re ready to make some changes, gain confidence, ask for what you want, increase your pay and manage work instead of work managing you,

then book in for an obligation-free chat below:



Want to hear what a few more people have said?

Samantha helped me de-clutter my mind and learn about the values that were truly important to me. She then helped me map out a way to reach these values. Without her support I would never have been able to guide myself to the things that truly matter. I am much happier!

– Aideen B.


I was given a clear road map about how to ask for what I want, in a way that suits the people I am seeking to influence. I found her guidance on specific issues to be invaluable because it is tailored to your personal style and industry.

– India


Once you meet her, you can’t help but be filled with optimism and passion. She’s amazing.

– Hannah


Her energy,  compassion and wise council are well worth the investment.

– Kate