Commit to Embracing Joy

Do you really embrace joy?

Many of us know we want to be happier. Often, we also know a few things we could do to help ourselves along the path to happiness. But do you commit to doing them?

Do you look after yourself and your emotions?

Do you take time to do the things that make you happy?

I had a workshop recently, and to get into the venue you had to walk through a tunnel of streamers. The beautiful attendees burst into the room with a smile as they got to the other side, what a way to open up to joy!

It’s a great example of a simple moment expanding your joy, and we all know that joyful moments create joyful days, and joyful days give us a joyful life.

If you want some joy in your life, check out my upcoming workshop where we’ll learn to create your perfect day and really embrace your happiness.

Are you willing to be happy?

Transcript – Commit to Welcoming in Joy

Hi! It’s Sam here, from the Everyday Adventure.

Yesterday I ran my winter warmer event and we had a group of women all together and had a really fun afternoon.

We learnt a tool to help create clarity in your life adn work out what your priorities really are and what’s important to you.

We wrote a list of 50 things to do when you have some time and want to have some fun. So, a short amount of time, like 5 minutes to start creating a ripple effect of playfulness in your life, or half a day of activities.

And then we played a few games and had a really good laugh together, and we did things like coming in through this streamer tunnel!

So, if you’re looking to create some change in your life and you want to have some fun, then get yourself along to one of my upcoming events.

You can check out the events and retreats tab and see what’s on! I’d love to see you at one of them.


xx Sam



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