Want to host a work event that your team can’t stop talking about – for all the right reasons?

No more sitting on the photocopier for kicks!

Take Your Team on an Urban Adventure!

Erin McRitchie

Sam was great, extremely helpful and accommodating, I didn’t have to organise a thing! Everyone really got involved and loved the activity. I heard nothing but positive comments.

Erin McRitchie
Diageo Australia

Our scavenger hunts are team building events that everyone loves!

Think Amazing Race meets treasure hunt meets walking-tour-on-Redbull, . We bring you a bit of healthy competition, problem solving, time outdoors and gentle movement with lots of fun!

Head off on a madcap race around your town, finding clues, talking to strangers, making human pyramids and getting to know your colleagues in a new way.

Look after your team so they can look after you.

Did you know the number one measure of whether someone likes their job is having a best-friend-at-work? A connected and happy team is a productive team.

Our hunts provide the container for your team to get to know each other outside the pressures of the office. As they find out more about each other, friendships and bonds will be forged that will spill over into day-to-day work life.

The result?

  • Increased retention – because we love working with our friends
  • Better communication – the more we know about each other, the better we understand one another
  • Greater productivity – when we get along with our colleagues and have great communication, we get way more work done!

Give your team a chance to have fun, get to know each other and celebrate – so they can give back to you.

 The team is STILL talking about how much fun they had!

Melanie Gibbons

I just wanted to say a big thank you for organising our planning day last week. The team is still talking about how much fun they had!

Melanie Gibbons
Clean Energy Regulator

Tim Henry

The scavenger hunt is great team building event and fun way to spend a couple of hours. Something different! The length of the course was just right and actually the clues were all gettable. Everyone enjoyed it, they all got into it and had a fun time.

Thanks again for a great day.

Tim Henry

Erin McRitchie

Sam was great, extremely helpful and accommodating. Nothing was too much of an ask, she took care of the organising of the event herself which was very helpful, I didn’t have to organise a thing!

Everyone really got involved and loved the activity. I heard nothing but positive comments about the afternoon and from what I could tell everyone was having a good laugh together.

It was so FUN and a great team building activity. It was also really great to get to explore the city while completing the fun challenges. Thanks for having us!!

Erin McRitchie
Diageo Australia

Create Team Bonds, Explore the City, and Have Fun!

This is for you if:

  • You want to do something fun, adventurous and exciting for your team this year
  • You like the idea of a custom event for your team; we will work inside jokes and popular locations into the race!
  • You have a group full of awesome colleagues who will love a day out
  • You’re a corporate team of four to 110 people
  • You’re ready for a team event with a difference
  • Everyone playing is able to walk for the duration of the race (2-3 hours) – no running required! **if you need an accessible route, we can create that too, just let us know.
  • You want me to organise the whole thing. Sit back, relax, show up, and get all the credit for arranging an amazing day!

How does it work?

Contact Sam at sam@theeverydayadventure.com to arrange to chat about your individual requirements – every single event is tailor-made for your team and desires!

We’ll map out a special route just for your team. No two races are the same.

What people say about The Everyday Adventure Scavenger Hunts

Marsha S

Marsha S, Yes Yes Marsha

The scavenger hunt that Sam from The Everyday Adventure organised was INCREDIBLE.

As soon as we got the list of items, our team was totally impressed with how detailed, well thought out and clear they were. What we hadn’t bargained on was how much fun they would be to do – and the added bonuses of us seeing so much of the city, and getting to know our team mates so much better.

As well as some fun and thrilling activities, we also had some that involved gentle, quality time together (like a ride on a ferris wheel and walks along interesting bridges). Without this hunt, there’s no way I would have explored the city as much on my own. And I got to learn so much about the city!


Marcie, San Francisco

Samantha Sutherland is a genuine treasure.  She is a joy to be around. Her laughter is contagious. Her spirit lights up the room.  The sparkle in her eyes puts you instantly at ease.

I recently had the pleasure of participating in her Scavenger Hunt.  Judging from the course, she knew the city like a local.  It was a great way to discover the town.  Large and small, fun and challenging . . . Sam set a course that all levels of participants could engage in, including me and I can have a tendency toward curmudgeonry, especially when it comes to games. This event absolutely delighted.

Rachel S

Rachel S, Mind Body Wise

There is no better (or more fun) way to explore and discover any city than doing The Everyday Adventure’s Scavenger Hunt!

Our adventure was filled with laughs and varied, yet attainable, challenges that helped us to work together as a team while doing and seeing things we never would have if we explored the city on our own.

I had a blast and can’t wait to do another one!

Peter M

Peter M, Netcito

You picked awesome places!  I learned things about Chicago that I would never have discovered on my own.  You found the hidden gems that would have been invisible to a regular tourist.  I got to see Chicago in an entirely new way through the Cultural Center and the ferris wheel.

It helped me realize my own capacity for stretching beyond my comfort zone.  I developed my own capacity for resourcefulness and resilience.  At one point my phone almost died. Normally I would have just sucked it up.  But I was in a competition, so I asked a barista for a charge and ultimately ended up getting a customer who was a total stranger to help me out.

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