Do Your Fears Hold You Back?

I saw a hypnotist once, and said that I wanted help moving from living through fear to living through love.

Then I saw an energy healer, who told me that I make too many decisions out of fear, but decisions made from a scared place usually don’t serve you.

I still get scared, and I still don’t do things because of fear, but I’m working on it. Here’s a little story about breaking through the fears to have a little adventure!

The Everyday Adventure

During our recent travels, we stopped in Singapore. I was tiiiired by the time we arrived, and on our second evening I lay down at 5pm for a short nap before dinner and woke up FIVE HOURS later!

There was a note from the husbandito, saying he’d taken the little dude out for dinner while I slept. Then another one, saying he’d come back, seen I was still asleep, and gone for a boat cruise down the river to see the Marina Bay sands light show on the harbour.

There were detailed instructions on what time the boat left and where I could meet him, if I wanted.

Initially, I thought ‘no’.

Then I thought, well it would be good to get out.

Then I thought ‘what if I can’t find him I might get locked out of the apartment I won’t even be able to get back in the security gate I’ll be stuck on the street all night I don’t even know if Singapore is safe to walk around in at night I won’t get there in time and I’ll just spend the evening wandering around on my own’. And, breeeeeathee.

I went straight to catastrophe mode!

Then I thought of my coach, and decided to not make the decision based on fear. So I grabbed my kindle (in case I got locked out) and headed downstairs. Before I left the complex, I double checked that I’d be able to climb the security gate if I needed to later.

And I went for a walk. I strolled along the river, and over a bridge. I passed teenagers sitting in circles drinking and gossiping, I passed some lovely small restaurants on the river, I strolled under a beautiful hanging garden.

I never found Chris, but I had a peaceful, happy time walking that night.

Back at the apartment complex the security guard let me in, and I sat leaning against the door reading my kindle until the hub and the bub returned, about 25 minutes after me. We laughed, and connected over the comedy of errors (and my five hour nap), so drew  closer, and we finished the night with a midnight swim.

We all make choices every day, but will we choose from fear or will we choose from love.

For me, the sign is the niggle. If I choose from fear, I keep thinking about whether it was the right thing to do, I mull it over. And over. And over. I feel unsatisfied with my decision.

That night in Singapore, I definitely would have spent the night wondering where the dudes were, when they’d be back, what they were doing, whether it was fun, whether I should have gone.

So my question to you is, when do you make decisions based on fear?

How can you start to recognise when fear is driving you, and step back for a moment so you can make the best decision, not just the decision that keeps you in your comfort zone?

Comment below, does this sound like you? Can you remember a time when you made a decision based on fear and regretted it? Or saw that fear was driving you and changed things?

I’d love to hear your stories.

Xx Sam

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