Happiness In Portugal

I’m in northern Portugal, the sun is shining and life is great!

I’ve been taking my #100DaysOfHappiness videos every day, so here they are, live from Portugal!

To watch the vids (they’re all about a minute long) click on the image. I’d LOVE some inspiration, what should I do, what questions have you got for me?

See you on the flip side, friends!

Day 40, trying new foods while on the road.

It may have stuck to my teeth. A friend with a Portuguese husband told me not to buy them from petrol stations, they’re actually very good. Also what ‘they’ are, but I can’t recall!


Day 40

Day 41, baring my soul (kind of) and doing burpees in front of people.

So this is interesting, I was going to hide around the corner and exercise alone because I was too embarrassed, but then thought fuck it! pulled out the mat, and everyone else joined in! (and it turns out, I’m not as unfit as I thought)The Everyday Adventure


Day 42, off the beaten track, taking chances and having fun doing it!

The Everyday Adventure

Still going? Day 43, it’s the middle of the night and I’m going after my dreams (and taking you with me).

Are you letting fear hold you back? Or something else… Watch the video (click the image) to see what it might be.

The Everyday Adventure

and Day 44, the simplest way to have a happy day is to spend time doing the things you love. Are you doing it? This is me, joyfully about to hop onto Joy!

Day 44

If you want to check out more of the 100DaysOfHappiness series head on over to my Facebook page, they go up there (almost) daily but always with enthusiasm.

Thanks for coming to hang out!

xx Sam



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