Have Fun at the Farmers Market

I have recently been inspired by my list of 50 Fun Things To Do Right Now (just enter your details at the bottom of the page to pick up your copy) and decided, what better way to get out there and have fun myself, than by doing everything I’m suggesting to you!

So I’m going to work my way through the whole list, and show you some snaps of me adventuring away.

Last weekend, I hit the farmers markets. On Saturday the Flour Market came to Sydney. A roomful of baked goods and sweets…mmmm. It might not be project-MILF approved, but sometimes you’ve just got to eat flour and be happy.

Flour Market

I didn’t eat chips dipped in chocolate, but maybe I should have!

We arrived as it opened at 9am to find a 200-strong queue salivating at the smell of Iggy’s breads. If you’re from Sydney and you haven’t eaten Iggy’s yet, get thee to Bronte. The little dude fell asleep so the big dude and I just stood in line laughing at the reactions from people as they got to the end of the block and realised the queue snaked right around the outside of the building. Laughed with sympathy, as we’d done the exact same thing.

The Flour Market

Then we got inside, and spent $30 on cronuts, and we were happy again! I also bought a dark chocolate coconut jaffa fudge tart, because anything with that many adjectives has to be amazing*.

On Sunday, inspired by Saturday’s flour festival but wanting something a bit healthier, I took a solo trip to the Marrickville markets, bought fruit and veg, and ate a frittata with quinoa salad in the sun, watching the world go by.

The Everyday Adventure

I love how things move a bit more slowly at the markets. In the supermarket my aim is in-n-out as fast as humanly possible (and in fact the husbandito can no longer shop there together because we have such different approaches, and I get really antsy with his slow supermarket pace!). But at the markets part of the joy is just soaking it all in. Buy some cauliflower here, buy some carrots there, listen to the music, sit in the sun, eating something tastaliscious…

The Everyday Adventure

All my T requirements were met here – tyres and tiles.

So that’s number 39 of 50 fun things to do right now.

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Yours in fun and daily adventures,

Sam xx

*it was


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