How to Rock a Photo Shoot

Ok, like I really have any idea! But I did a photo shoot, and it was fun. So here are some of the pics from it and a few hot tips to make your next photo shoot a success.

My previous photo was taken by my hubster on our balcony. He does not know how to use a camera. Like, I don’t want to be mean or anything, but he has the composition skills of a blind scientist. You know the whole left brain/right brain thing? I think his brain is lopsided. I feel I should state in his defence that he’s VERY good at maths. And directions.

So anyway, old photo, not so good. New profile photo, much better! Here I am, hamming it up for the photo that now says oh-HAI to the world from me.


After spending some time working with Victoria Gibson from Marveo, I realised it was time to ‘go pro’, and spend the time, money and energy on getting some AMAZING photos to use on my site and share with you fine people.

I took a road trip up to Newcastle with the husbandito and the bambino, and spent the day with Melissa Histon getting photos that capture me and my brand!

My faves:


Getting this shot was like filming a blooper reel. I had the gears up too high so could barely move, almost fell off the bike a few times, and very nearly ran over Mel’s overexcited puppy.


I think life would generally be better if there was more champagne involved. In fact, I’m busy planning a night out with one of my besties and some expensive champagne to celebrate a night of freedom from the child and to her amazing new job ruling the media world!


THIS ONE!! I I gracefully, bravely leapt from a ledge to swing through the trees like Jane (with Tarzan).

Or… this could be the behind the scenes shot of me trying to get on it. It almost didn’t happen because I was being too much of a spazz.


So now a few tips for making your photo shoot a success:

  1. Have some champagne on hand. As previously mentioned, it makes most things better. If they’re family photos, even better.
  2. Go with friends. Denise came along and Mel put me right at ease, so the two of them made sure not all the laughter looked fake.
  3. Find a photographer who gets your style. That pink top? That bike? Not even mine. Mel suggested them both and got my brand and colouring SPOT on.
  4. Get plenty of sleep the night before. Because 4a. You don’t want bags under your eyes, and 4b. You want to have plenty of energy to jump around, laugh, smile and bring energy to your photos.
  5. Use props. If you’re doing family pics take some things that the kids love that will help make the photos candid, if you’re doing profesh pics like these ones, props that support your branding will make your photos more interesting!
  6. Smile. And laugh.

And because I love photoshop* here’s a little competition for you all. The prize is fame, fortune and laughter!


The best** suggestion will be photoshopped up and distributed widely.

Xx Sam

Have you ever had professional photographs taken? Did I miss any tips for how to make the process work well?


* that’s a lie. I’ve learned everything I know from youtube videos, and have, on occasion, got intensely frustrated at my inability to make my pictures look like something out of national geographic




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