I Got on The Amazing Race!

Ok, not really, but I AM obsessed with the Amazing Race.

The Everyday Adventure

Teams of two, race around the world competing in challenges, seeing amazing things and having adventures they would never otherwise have. I applied to be on the Australia version but they didn’t accept me (and THAT was a mistake if ever there was one!) so now I’m considering becoming an American citizen just so I can apply.

You already know that pulling together real world adventures for people who are ready for life to be more than the daily grind is what I love to do!

So when my mentor and hero Jonathan Fields took me and the rest of the GLP Immersion participants to Chicago I thought, ‘what better way to see the city than as part of my own Amazing Race!!’. (note, unfortunately not part of the official Amazing Race franchise. Though I think we can all agree it should be).

This is what I got out of the race:

The Everyday Adventure

  • I researched the city before I went, so I knew where to send them all. Which also meant I knew what the best things to do around town were before I got there!
  • I wasn’t going to send them off without actually checking everything out myself, so even though I was jet lagged I got up each day and explored the city.
  • My travels took me past the Art Institute of Chicago (all part of the plan) and what resulted was a several hour 3D exploration of my high school art history books. Absolutely fantastic.
  • I got to bring a group of buddies whom I LOVE together for an adventure!

It’s interesting that by doing something for other people, I myself got so much out of it. Have you found that in your own life? By doing something for someone else you actually feel good yourself as a wonderful by-product?

The Everyday Adventure

If you haven’t been keeping up with my #110DaysOfHapiness then check out this link to see this in action in another way. Doing something for someone else, feeling good about myself as well!

But back to the Amazing Race Chicago!

This is what the racers got out of the race:

Our Chicago adventure was filled with laughs and varied, yet attainable, challenges that helped us to work together as a team while doing and seeing things we never would have if we explored the city on our own. I had a blast and can’t wait to do another one!

–          Rachel from MindBodyWise

Ohh yeeaaahhh.

The Everyday Adventure


  • They got to explore the city, but it was all done for them! No research required! And really, who doesn’t love to just turn up somewhere and have fun things happen for them? Not me! (wait, is that I double negative? I don’t not love it. I DO LOVE IT!)
  • They got to hang out with friends after two whole months apart.
  • They were forced out into the sunshine (ok, no one was forced, but if they wanted to join in they got out and were active). What a way to arrive in a new city.
  • They all did some things they haven’t done before. When was the last time you made a human pyramid? When was the last time you videoed yourself prancercising down a busy street?
  • And for the winners? The fame! The glory!

If you want someone to come and organise an amazing race around YOUR city, or a place your visiting, then you know who to call!

(me. Call me.)

The Everyday Adventure

I would love to take you on an adventure in your city, and I bet I take you somewhere you’ve never been before!

As an extra little challenge for this week, I dare you to go out and do something amazing for someone else. Check out if it makes you feel pretty rad yourself.

Xx Sam


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2 Comments on I Got on The Amazing Race!

  1. Amanda @ Adventures All Around
    June 16, 2015 at 12:14 PM (3 years ago)

    I love it!

    I was obsessed with the Amazing Race for years and would get into quite serious discussions with my flatmate as we watched about who would take each challenge when we were racing around the world as a duo. I was so excited when the Aussie one started as well. I haven’t tried to apply as yet, but if they rejected you I’m a little worried about their criteria 😉

    • samantha
      June 17, 2015 at 2:57 PM (3 years ago)

      LOL Amanda I love that! Can you call the producers and let them know they’re crazy? Thanks.

      My hub and I do that too! We decide for every one which challenge we’d do, who would do each one when it’s only one person, and work out where we’d fight. haha
      He has to do all the memory ones – I’v egot baby brain, the struggle is real!



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