It’s 2016, What the WHAT Now?!


Put your hand up if you felt like THAT year really flew by!

The Everyday Adventure

Me too. But one tradition I love as the new year arrives is writing my list of 100 thigs to do this year. And because we’re friends, I’m going to share my list o’ love with you!

For me it’s fluid, and the purpose is to point me in the general direction I want my life to go (not to create another stick with which to beat myself). I’d say on average I complete about half of them, and replace a quarter with other (even better!) ideas as the year progresses.

But one thing the list never fails to do is get me excited about all the possibilities for the year ahead.

I could do this! Or this! Or THIS!!


Looking back on last year, the focus ended up being personal development and travel, plus falling in love with a whole new tribe of my people through the Good Life Project Immersion program.

Immersion Tribe


That’s freedom, connection and adventure.

The three words I use to guide my life and decisions! Everything falls into place exactly as it should, it seems…

I love a good list, and I love fun things, so here’s 2016’s combination of the two with my great big list of 100 (mainly) fun things to do this year!


1. Meditate 183 times (that’s every second day on average)


2. Work at building differentiation and self-determination.

This is about learning to live my life on my terms, and to provide feedback, validation and acceptance to myself (rather than needing it from external sources).

3. Have monthly healing sessions (I’m sure I’ve told you about Sam before, haven’t I? She’s amazing)

4. Continue learning to love myself.

from here via Pinterest

from here via Pinterest

I feel a bit weird putting this one in here, to be honest. Maybe I am letting too much out, like I turned up naked at school. But, this is my growing edge and there it is. The great lesson of my life is about loving myself, and letting myself do that takes constant practice.

5. Reframe negative self talk to bring me closer to my growing edge.

If you’ve ever said something nasty to yourself as you’re getting dressed for a night out, or struggling through a challenge, or after eating chocolate, then now you can know you’re not alone.

6. Eliminate gossip

7. Stop thinking something better is just around the corner.

I love to plan (reference: this list itself). I can also be guilty of ‘living in the future’ a bit, which leaves me looking for ‘the future’ to solve issues, or create change. But as my good friend Annie Dillard has said many times,

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

Or, live in the now, maaannnn.


8. Walk every day

walk daily


9. Do 6 mins of core exercise every day

10. Lose 15 kilos

11. Spend two weeks grain free

12. Spend three weeks sugar free

13. Go to the gym 3 times per week. I joined a new one about 3 months ago and it’s my favourite gym of all time!

14. Experiment with making gelatin gummies

Side note: I’ve tried three different flavours so far: kiwifruit (tasty though tangy), “marshmallow” (not good at all), and mango coconut (ok, but not winning any prizes at the easter show).

15. Suggest we do Dexa scans at the gym

16. Have a styling session with Lynne from Stylish You.

17. Get a haircut. Twice, even. At the moment I average about once every 12 months

18. Drink bone broth weekly

19. Eat sauerkraut weekly

20. Drink kombucha weekly

21. Have a monthly session looking after my body – massage, pedi, facial etc


22. Decorate our balcony.

23. Hang pictures on our walls.

We moved in three months ago, and still have almost nothing on the walls. The living room echos a little bit when people talk in there.

24. Print new photographs to go in our frames.

The current pics are all about 6 years old.

25. Hang a wedding photo.

26. Sort out my will

27. Declutter my closet


28. Visit Sam (legendary coach and healer mentioned above) in Canberra (her new home)

29. Visit my bro and sister-in-law on the Gold Coast twice

30. Skype-stalk my amazing friend Marsha and speak to her every day (ok, not really every single day, I just said that because she will laugh when she reads that. Hi limb!)


31. Send a present to my mentor from last year

32. Have Tuesday adventure days with Charlie

Next planned adventure is to go to the Fairyland Pleasure Gardens with him for a stroll in the woods.

33. Have fortnightly summer bbq’s in our backyard

34. Host 6 dinner parties

35. Have a weekly screen-free evening

This doesn’t sound like much but is so much harder than you would think! Seriously, try it.

36. Have a weekly family dinner

37. Visit my legendary sister in Melbourne twice

This is from a previous visit. Being goons together.


38. Visit a friend in Newcastle twice

39. Make the mums’ group weekend away in March happen

40. Take the little dude to the movies

41. Commit to loving and being differentiated from the hub

42. Invite my friend x to do something once a month

43. Have a night out with x

44. Host a LYL games night

45. Go to a meet up group

46. Visit Marsha in Toronto

47. Meet the hub for a post-morning-swim breakfast once a week

48. Send 52 cards

49. Buy birthday presents for friends

50. Make 2 new friends in Sydney

51. Go and visit two amazing friends in the Netherlands


52. Do 8 weeks of microadventures

I heart camping so hard. I spent 6 days completely off the grid over new years to ring in 2016.


53. Go glamping in Lane Cove national park

54. Camp in the Blue Mountains

55. Go for 3 trail rides

56. Go indoor skydiving

57. Do the painting class my hub gave me for Christmas

In a genius stroke of timing, before Christmas but AFTER he’d bought the present, I came home with a paint-by-numbers. I think we can agree he’s onto a winner!

58. Do a pottery wheel class

59. Make a photo album for 2015

60. Do 10 ‘pulse’ activities

I used to have my finger on the pulse, and I want to again. So I’m committing to getting said finger back on said pulse and doing some of those activities I discover.

61. Go to Orange FOOD week with friends

62. Fill the house with fake snow for winter (or Christmas, I haven’t decided which yet)

63. Go to the MCA gin garden

64. Go to the Brown Brothers prosecco summer terrace

65. Visit my cuz in Forbes (that’s country NSW if you haven’t heard of it)

66. Go to a movie marathon

67. Build play into my life

68. Go backyard camping

69. Organise a group weekend away (like a recent trip we took to The Hunter Valley)

70. Go mountain biking

71. Go stand up paddleboarding

72. Go geocaching

73. Play Dead of Winter (my Christmas present to the hub)

74. Go to a hip hop class at Sydney Dance Co

75. Go to caravan slam

Tickets booked for Jan 21 – the day after my birthday!

76. Learn to play one fiddle song on the violin

77. Try axe throwing

78. Do an anti-gravity yoga class

79. Do a ChalkTheWalk

80. Fix my bike tyres and go for a bike ride around centennial park

81. Compete in a fun adventure race.

I’ve done Miss Muddy previously, so I’d like to try another one this year. But not Tough Mudder. I will never enter Tough Mudder.


82. Go orienteering in the woods

83. Have a day at Wattamolla beach

We went there for W date – the first alphabet date that the little dude joined us on! It’s time to go back. Midweek, when no one else is there.

84. Go to no lights no lycra

Business and Learning

85. Write 52 newsletters

(missed some of them? Here’s a good one from the archives)

86. Write 26 blogs

Here are three oldies but goodies    if you want to catch up on some

87. Do 52 year-of-play videos

88. Work in implementing everything I learned through last year’s Immersion program

89. Go through B School again when it’s run in March

90. Read 50 novels

Starting strong with Margaret Attwood, Stone Mattress and The Heart Goes Last

91. Read 50 non-fiction books

Also starting strong with Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes (TOTALLY recommend this if you’re looking for something to read); Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman and halfway through another.

If you have any great book recommendations please send them my way!

92. BHAG – make $xxx in my business this calendar year

93. Offer to do a scavenger hunt at the gym

94. Take 4 business risks.

95. Start microadventure workstream and run 5 microadventures

96. Run Afternoon Delight group (more on this coming soon, it’s going to be great so watch this space!)

97. Host a mini Olympics

98. Host 12 scavenger hunts

99. Sort out my taxes


I’ve got space for one more, so if you’ve got a great idea that will take me out of my comfort zone and push me towards more freedom, connection or adventure, then I would love to hear the ideas!

I’ll be updating you through the year with the huge (anticipated) success of all these adventures.

Have a happy new year, and post below to tell me what your resolutions are!

xx Sam

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