My Week in Pics – Hello Baby Jetlag

This week was a bit of a toughies after arriving back from Europe at 6am on Monday morning. Welcome to the tiring world of baby jet lag!


On Monday morning we arrived back early and all went down for a nap at 9am. When the little dude woke us at 11 and I looked outside, I felt so lucky to live in such a beautiful place! Everyday is like a holiday in Coogee!

The Everyday Adventure


Yeah.. so.. Monday night was bad. We didn’t get a lot of sleep but when I dragged myself out of bed in the morning I decided the only cure was a green smoothie on the balcony! Good to get some greens in after a lot of Italian Gelato.

The Everyday Adventure


So. Not to be negative or anything, but Tuesday night was bad as well. Eventually the little dude got to sleep about 5am, and I was wired from hours of rocking, so I wandered down to the cliff edge and watched a spectacular sunrise. Once again so grateful to live in such an amazing part of the world!

The Everyday Adventure



I am SO SUPER EXCITED about hosting a retreat in July!!! I met up with Trudy, the radical lady who I’m co-hosting it with and we prepped and planned with much excitement. And what a beautiful office, hey?

The Everyday Adventure



On Friday I slept as much as possible, and then we took a family road trip to our nation’s capital to visit friends. We arrived at 1130pm, and found our room looking like this. Nope, it’s not a hotel. Yep, these friends do a spare room well. It made me want to improve the offering at my place!


The Everyday Adventure


Saturday was a lovely day in Canberra. We had this for breakfast, what a start!


Then after a stroll around the arboretum* we went beers-of-the-world tasting. To be honest, I didn’t love most of said beers. I’m a lager kind of girl and these were very bitter not-lagers. I enjoyed the accompanying cheese immensely though!

The Everyday Adventure



Bushwalk!! I love a good bushwalk. We walked up a hill and had cheese at the top with a beautiful view, then we strolled back down.

The Everyday Adventure


And even more than just a bushwalk, I LOVE a bushwalk with kangaroos! I love a sun-burnt country.

The Everyday Adventure

I’d love to see some pictures (and inspiration!) of your own adventure! Share your pictures using the hashtag #theeverydayadventure, I look at every one!

I’ll see you out there having fun!

xx Sam




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