My Week in Pics – Holidaaaaays!

This week I’m in Eng-er-land! Visiting family, laughing with friends, walking in the rolling green countryside…


Monday was the day we went up the Downs. A big group of friends gathered and we hiked up rolling green hills. B-e-autiful.



I never used to plan recovery days into my holidays. Now I have a baby who, it turns out, gets very bad jet lag. So after a few nights of him screaming the house down all through the wee hours, we took it easy. We also discovered the best chocolate shop name ever!



On Wednesday the little dude woke us early for a change* so we put him in the backpack and went for a family walk in the green countryside.

*not for a change at all


On Thursday we headed up to good old Londontown! So fun to see friends and visit some of the old haunts. We had an ace dinner in an attic kitchen, reminding me of one of our cool old flats in the eves.



Today I remembered how bad London traffic is after the husbandito was an hour and a half late picking me up as he tried to cross London in the car. Error! But we made up for it that night with a huge group dinner in a curry house. So much curry.



Wedding day!!! My sister in law got married in a beautiful little town hall, with a lamb BBQ dinner cooked out of a combi, a Ceilidh (traditional dance with flutes and fiddles) and much dancing on the dancefloor. I love a good wedding!



Recovery day with a big family buffet today, with a flight in the evening to the next leg of the trip… Sardinia!
Watch this space for a few pics of hiking in Italy next week.


Now over to you!

What adventures will you have this week? Share your pics on Instagram using the hashtag #theeverydayadventure.

I’ll see you out there having fun!

xx Sam




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