My Week in Pics – Home and Away

The big dude was still in Brazil this week, so the little dude and I hung out and took our own little road trip.


It’s meant to be winter in Sydney now, and this is what it looks like. That old dude is swimming in speedos in the middle of June!

The Everyday Adventure



On Tuesday the little guy and I took a road trip up to Newcastle. We stayed with a friend who also spent the week as a world cup widow and her baby girl. Travelling light with a baby, as per usual, this is almost everything I took for one night.

The Everyday Adventure


We didn’t quite have a world-cup-sized party of our own, but we DID have some non-alcoholic champagne while we watched Scandal and the baby monitor.

The Everyday Adventure



I’ve joined Sarah Wilson’s 8 week I Quit Sugar program. Again. I’ve done it before on my own, but have been struggling big style since having Cheech, so decided the accountability new recipes and inspiration would be helpful. I made this big – and very tasty – lamb and sweet potato pie. Then I ate it (over three sittings).

The Everyday Adventure



This is my favourite time of day. I bring the little dude into bed with me for his morning feed, then we hang out for a while. Full of love.

The Everyday Adventure



Pony games night!! The horse riding school I go to hosts an adults games night every couple of months, and there are always a lot of laughs at it. Friday was no exception (and I also love getting out doing something a bit different sometimes!)

The Everyday Adventure



Back to the gym. I’ve been a bit sporadic lately, but always feel good when I get myself there. (I just made a creche booking for tomorrow, see, this photo diary really works!).

The Everyday Adventure




There’s a fish shop down in Coogee called a Fish Called Coogee. I always thought it was a cheap chippy, then the husbandito convinced me to go, and it’s absolutely delish! Marinated fillets, all different breeds (breeds of fish?) and really good garlic bok choy. So now I spread the love and on Sunday night had dinner with a friend there. Thumbs up to friends, fun and food!

The Everyday Adventure


I’d love to see some pictures (and inspiration!) of your own adventure! Share your pictures using the hashtag #theeverydayadventure, I look at every one!

I’ll see you out there having fun!

xx Sam




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