My Week in Pics – Inside, Outside, Moving, Shopping

This week was all about relationships – with myself, with the husbandito and with friends.


On Monday I picked up my diary for next year – sssqqquuuuwwweeeeee!!! I love new paper diaries and seeing my days and plans unfold on the page. Excitement*! 1.-Monday


I have a crush on my naturopath. She’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.On Tuesday I paid her a visit to pick up a host of mood-enhancing natural supplements – industrial strength probiotics, fish oil tablets, fermented cabbage**. They have a beautiful little tea house so I took a beautiful little picture of it. 2.-Tues


On Wednesday I walked with a friend. Back and forth and back and forth along Bondi in the springtime sun, getting happy. Love walking, talking, sun. And Bondi makes me think of home, my childhood, my dad***. 3.-Wed   3.-Wed-2


My bro, my sister in law and my niece live on the Gold Coast and visited last week (mainly for a wedding, but surely to see me as well!). On Thursday night we ate sushi together, and watched some comedy. Gentle nights in can still be fun nights. 4.-Thurs


Last week my stylist mate checked out my wardrobe and told me what to chuck, keep and buy in size I^. Then on Friday we went shopping, and I bought this. Among a few other things. 5.-Fri


Today I went to see an energy medicine dude. He holds his hands near my body, breathes deeply, and makes me cry then feel better. He got me to lie on the table, touched my foot and asked if it was tender. It was. He said ‘that’s your liver.’ As part of all my PND testing, the doctor (MD) ordered some blood tests. The only thing that showed up in an inflamed liver. I love when east meets west in medicine and they reinforce each other. 6.-Sat^^


We had a family day on Sunday. A friend’s babies’ christening, a family bbq, another family afternoon tea, lots of cuddles with Chachi and afternoon snoozes. But no photos.

Instead, I leave you with some wise words to help you avoid the Sunday night dread…


Now over to you!

What adventures will you have this week? Share your pics on Instagram using the hastag #theeverydayadventure.

I’ll see you out there having fun!

xx Sam

* disproportionate. But I say embrace the things you love!

** also known as sauerkraut, but it’s been properly fermented with whey so helps with the good bacteria in your gut. Which helps your mood.

*** he’s dead and I miss him. So I like things that remind me of him

^Interim. As in, my interim baby-body wardrobe.

^^not me. For illustrative purposes only



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