My Week in Pics – Move Every Day

One of my favourite things about no longer being pregnant is being able to move my body properly every day. And that’s exactly what I did this week!


On Monday I carted the little dude to Balmoral for a stroll and a swim then on to Mosman for a session with my radical personal trainer. Poor little guy kept falling asleep in transit, so I spent some time waiting while he slept…

Eating an early lunch in Balmoral, in Centennial Park and then in Coogee overlooking the ocean. Who can wake a cutie like that??



On Tuesday I tag-team babysat with a friend with a baby while we both took turns riding. Here is a gratuitous shot of the little dude on a horse on a different day! Indoctrinating him early *evil laugh*.



On Wednesday I walked along Bondi with friends at sunrise after a game of ninja. It’s hard to explain how amazing it is, so let’s just play it next time I see you.



#ProjectMILF is in full swing. Previously mentioned totes amazeballs trainer gave me a new program which I killed at the gym. I wanted to take even daggier selfies but all the muscly guys milling around not smiling put me off my game. Next time.



Friday night was yin and yang. First I got all zen at Future Sounds of Yoga with some friends…


Then we headed to a bar in Darling Harbour to meet some friends. That was a mistake. But also the best thing I’ve done for my marriage all year! And it made me think of this:



On Saturday it rained, but I like a good rainy day now and then. I have been getting a bit frustrated with slow #projectMILF progress, and I think some of the problems may be related to:

  1. Hormones, due to having a baby and now feeding him boobie juice, plus being on medication for PND
  2. Poor gut health, due to pregnancy, anaesthetic from birth, and then the medication mucking things up.

So I went to see the beautiful Anthia at Ovvio Organics and have a plan which I’ll share with you as I give you #projectMILF updates!



Miss Muddy!! I got muddy and had fun in the Miss Muddy 5km obstacle race. I wanted a reason to get fit so organised a group to dress up in multicoloured socks to run together. It didn’t work; before the big day I’d run a cracking 2 kilometres, but I still had a (colour) blast!

Here we are at the start, post colour bomb, pre mud…


And heading to the end…


Fun times! Obstacle race can now be ticked off my 100 things list!


Now over to you.

What adventures will you have this week? Share your pics on Instagram using the hashtag #theeverydayadventure.

I’ll see you out there having fun!

xx Sam




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