My Week in Pics – Off We Go Again!

Arrivals, departures and a bit of Laneway fun this week!


I love my Laneway Learning gig. On Monday I had the beautiful Ezzie Spencer come and tell us about The Spencer Method of following the moon for peace and prosperity. She taught us all about the ebb and flow of life and how to harness that to create a life of abundance.


Laneway Learning


I’m loving a bit of healthy, sustainable eating now that #projectmilf is back on the table. Rushcutters restaurant in Sydney is hosting monthly farmers feasts. Eat the farmers food, meet the farmer, break bread with friends. The waitresses description of ‘it comes served a little bit pink’ wasn’t quite accurate (when you still have the sinew I’d call it blue) but the tasty factor WAS accurate, and I loved our chats.

The Everyday Adventure


This is winter in Coogee. That is all.

The Everyday Adventure


I have a lovely friend who lives in Melbourne but has a landing pad in Sydney. Not a bad life!! She is in Sydney so we met up with the little dude and dudette and ate corn chips. And smiled for the camera.

The Everyday Adventure


Now that the husbandito’s back from Brazil, surely it’s time for another family trip away! So off we go to Melbourne. A blackout at Sydney airport almost derailed us, but we got to Melbourne in time to get to Daylesford, and had dinner all together.

The Everyday Adventure


in Dayslesford hasn’t been amazing, but the house and the company are! So we stayed mainly inside, reading, snoozing, chatting and eating cheese. Nothing that a good round of brie can’t fix!

The Everyday Adventure

Despite the drizzle, I had to go for a stroll. Fresh country air, wet leaves, grey skies. The bush is still beautiful when the sun’s hiding.

The Everyday Adventure

Then some of the family departed and some of the family went back to Melbourne. Graffiti, cobblestones, dinner at Vegie Bar and a bit more rain. Can’t get any more Melbourne than that!

The Everyday Adventure


I’d love to see some pictures (and inspiration!) of your own adventure! Share your pictures using the hashtag #theeverydayadventure, I look at every one!

I’ll see you out there having fun!

xx Sam




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