My Week in Pics – The Great Outdoors!

I spent a lot of this week in the great outdoors – just how I like it!


Monday was the last day of our road trip to Mansfield! We went for a sunrise walk and saw a lot of kangas. Aussie native animals make me happy, so here’s a picture of a few of them checking us out as we check them out.

The Everyday Adventure


After farewelling my awesome sister I spent some time in a cafe dreaming. After all, cafes are what you do in Melbourne! Later I breakfasted with a friend and realised we’d been friends for 20 years! Wowsers, what a connection to last so long. Love.

2. Tuesday


Strolling around Coogee running errands with the little dude I ran into a friend, so we took photos of ourselves being dags. See exhibit A below:

Samantha Sutherland


You may have guessed by now that I love my horse riding. Best view in the world.

The Everyday Adventure


I love camping and hiking and the little dude is going to have to get involved. On Friday we took our first family stroll through the Royal National Park and he loved it too! He spent most of the way making a noise like a rare bird. As we discovered when we passed some women on the track who had been looking for said rare bird because they’d heard it.

The Everyday Adventure


I love me some organic veggies, and have been looking for a coop-style way to buy them. I recently came across Local Harvest Collective and they’re perfect! Good quality, cheap veg from close to the ‘hood. Plus, there’s always something in there that I don’t normally buy so I am forced to experiment (anyone have any good eggplant recipes for me?).

The Everyday Adventure


Easter Sunday. I celebrated by meeting some of my babes at Watsons Bay and eating a plate of calamari in the sun. I am so excited by the people in my life right now, and all the things that are opening up! Get excited my friends!

The Everyday Adventure

Now over to you!

What adventures will you have this week? Share your pics on Instagram using the hashtag #theeverydayadventure.

I’ll see you out there having fun!

xx Sam




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