My Week in Pics – Relationships are Everything

This week was all about relationships – with myself, with the husbandito and with friends.


On Monday there were a lot more tears from the little guy. We went for a walk and he calmed down for about 15 minutes, so I meditated on a cliff overlooking the ocean. My new mantra for really difficult days is “I love myself, I love Charlie, I love Chris”. It makes my emotions regulate, and helps me keep things in perspective.



November 19 is our wedding anniversary! Two years ago today, the best day of my life. The two most emotional moments of my life were walking the final few metres down the aisle towards the Hubster, and when they put the little dude on my chest after he was born. Amazing, beautiful, overwhelming love.

We celebrated by going to the cinema* and for sushi. Two things I love.**



And here are a couple of gratuitous wedding photos from our big day in 2011.





On Wednesday I invited a mothercraft nurse around for the whole day to help me fix my baby. It was largely unsuccessful but at least reassured me that it’s not all in my mind! But that night he went down well and I spent some time lying in bed reading my book. One of my all time favourite activities since I was a kid.



Another day about relationships. Out for a meal and a chat with my bestie since childhood. Hugs, tears, smiles. Love a good connection and love having friends that have known me for so long.



Friends came to visit and save my sanity. So it was a week of friendship. They gave me a hug and made me feel normal. Thanks to Danielle La Porte for Friday’s truthbomb. The theme of this week…



My post baby body is not my best friend, but I’m trying to have a relationship with her as well… I had a stylist (also a friend) over to go through my wardrobe and check what still works***, so we can add to it and I don’t have to keep wearing my maternity gear! Check out Style Diva if you need a bit of fashion advice. Next week we’re going on a shopping trip together to pad out my clothes-that-fit pile.



Sunday. More friends. Two came around with their bump and toddler for breakfast. Demonstrating their understanding of life with a newborn they brought brekkie and cleaned our kitchen before they left. Wonderful. Then two more came around with their toddler for afternoon tea. Also demonstrating their understanding of life with a newborn they loaded our little guy up in the ergo and took him for a walk so we could sleep. More wonderful.


Now over to you!

How can you focus on relationships this week? Comment below, and share your pics on Instagram by using the hastag #theeverydayadventure.

I’ll see you out there having fun with friends!

xx Sam


* we watched Captain Philips. It is quite tense. I am already quite tense from days of dealing with a screaming little dude. I shook for most of the film!

** not quite as much as either little dude or big dude

*** see the picture for my current ‘best outfit’




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