My Week in Pics – Some Tears and an Airplane


Monday. Monday was a tough day. Sometimes even Everyday Adventurers don’t have the energy to get out and about. The little dude was not happy, and I spent a lot of time walking around with him strapped to me to stop the tears. The silver lining? He slept that night. Thanks Charlie!


After a good night’s sleep I got up and started the day by walking from Bronte to Bondi. I totally ran about 50 metres as well – hello carsarean recovery! I left the little guy with the big guy, and switched up my routine (just a little) by walking a different part of the coastal path – I’ve always said small changes can feel big!



Outdoors. Sunshine. Sometimes all we need is blue skies.



There seems to be a little bit of a Thursday theme! Last week, me going quietly crazy after finally getting the little dude to stop screaming. This week, still screaming. Anyone want to borrow my child for a while?



On Friday we flew to Melbourne! The little guy loved the flight (I think he wants to travel more) and my sister lives down there, so I had some fun times with her.



I joined a business mastermind earlier in the year and love these chicks! We learned about branding, discussed our personal growth and goals, and then went out to paint the town red*.



Sunday it was my time in The Hot Seat! Want to know what the next year holds? Watch this space!! Loving being mentored by two of my heroes Victoria Gibson and Denise Duffield-Thomas. Funny ladies who have created businesses and lives they love – totally inspiring!


Now over to you!

What’s one thing you can do this week to add some adventure to your life? Comment below, and share your pics on Instagram by using the hastag #theeverydayadventure.

I’ll see you out there having fun!

xx Sam

* my definition of ‘red’ has changed since uni days. Red these days was probably a night in in previous days. But here we are, let’s take what we can get!



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