My Week in Pics – Sydney With a Bebe

No travelling this week, and no recovering… just a normal old week in Sydneytown with a family. Love.


I’m the Bondi venue manager for Laneway Learning, and I LOVE it! On Monday night we hosted Spirituality in the City, where a beautiful lady spoke about how to remain grounded, live gently and stay calm in amidst the hectic city.

The Everyday Adventure


I baby swap on Tuesdays so I can horse ride. And I love it as well!! The bambinos, my boots and I hung out with an orange double pram while we waited and then I strolled around the park on a pony in my down time.

The Everyday Adventure


I had to take the little dude into the big dude’s work to do a handover, so I could go out. The little dude took stock of the CEO’s desk and decided he needed to step in. Tell me this isn’t cute. Go on, tell me, I won’t believe you!

The Everyday Adventure


On Thursday night the Women Ignite Passion event was on in Sydney. My amazing, adventuring friend Bella spoke there, about living in happiness. I love her message! (it’s so similar to mine :D). She’s also a founding member of A Million Smiles, which you can check out here.

The Everyday Adventure


Friday’s another horse riding day in my schedule, hurrah! Best view, in the world, bar none.

The Everyday Adventure


We had a family day today. First to the Australian Museum to see the Wildlife Photigrapher of the Year award, then to Bondi markets, then home for a nap. Purrrrr-fection. (see what I did there?).

The Everyday Adventure


Some Sunday sessions with friends. The best way to end a weekend!

The Everyday Adventure


I’d love to see some pictures (and inspiration!) of your own adventure! Share your pictures using the hashtag #theeverydayadventure, I look at every one!

I’ll see you out there having fun!

xx Sam




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