My Week in Pics – That’s Me!

What a fun week! I love looking back and picking out my photos, and realising what an everyday adventure I really am living.

This week I’ve made a bit of a record of the number of photos I can appear in!


On Monday the Hubster and I took Little C for a beach walk. Here’s a family portrait.


Then as we strolled along the shore, waves lapping gently at our feet, a rogue bigger wave came along, hit me and then splashed up all over big C, who had to head to work looking like this*:




My mate Amanda from Fuel Urban Wellness and I went for a working lunch. She spent the whole time rocking my crying baby**. She took this pic while standing with him – I’m totally manifesting a trip to the World Domination Summit next year!



On Wednesday I had a coaching call with my biz coach who keeps me in line. The little dude was doing more crying, so my coaching calls are now on mobile skype, standing at the kitchen counter, jigging with him strapped to my chest – the only way to be sure he’ll be quiet during the call!



I love riding and have been missing it Big Style. I went in to the stables to hi five some friends and pat some horses, and ended up giving little C his first ‘ride’. Dummy optional.



Friday, a good day. I met my very talented friend Lucy*** in the park for lunch. After she went back to work I tried to read my book in the sun, and got through approximately 2 paragraphs before the little guy had a meltdown and I had to exit stage left.


Then on Friday night some friends came up to visit from our nation’s capital and took me out for a meal while the hubster looked after our child. Sometimes friends and wine are all you need…



Road trip!!!!!

After a very slow start to the day, as I keep underestimating baby logistics, we went up to Newcastle to visit friends. I also got so radical photos taken – watch this space! Here’s a preview of me and the photographer, Melissa.



The beaches we all closed in Newcastle on Sunday, but that didn’t stop us heading to them all. I got into a wading pool up to my knees and smiled for the camera.^


Now over to you!

What adventures will you have this week? Share your pics on Instagram using the hastag #theeverydayadventure.

I’ll see you out there having fun!

xx Sam

* facial expression only passing, wet suit lasted longer, wet underwear lasted all day

** ever grateful. Breaks are so essential!

*** newly editor of Dolly and Cleo magazines, after rocketing Women’s Fitness to success as Acting Ed!

^not at the same time



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