Do you ache for fun and adventure, but in reality

you’re drudging through each day feeling overwhelmed by responsibility?

Hold up thrill-seeker! You don’t have to quit your day job or abandon your family to go backpacking through the Himalayas just yet…

(Because hey, I know you couldn’t even if you wanted to, right?)

Are you:

Feeling trapped in your corporate cubicle nation?

Jealous whenever you scroll through your social media feeds, thinking why is everyone else having awesome adventures while you’re not?

Wondering where the old you has gone (the one who felt free + was fun to be around)?

Hopelessly dreaming of an escape route, but flying to Tahiti is just not a viable option right now (job, family, responsibility)?

Spending your days dutifully ticking off your to-do list, wondering if life will ever feel exciting again?

Basically, you’ve lost your mojo and you’re wondering how on earth you’ll get it back.

I totally get it.

I know what it’s like to drag yourself through each day. And I know how crappy it feels when you’ve lost your spark — your natural connection to joy — and life just feels heavy, serious + completely uninspiring. In fact, I worked for over a decade in a corporate job with people I didn’t like, doing work that didn’t light me up.

I’m Sam Sutherland. I started The Everyday Adventure right after I confessed this to my business coach:

I just want everyone to have more fun!

And by everyone, I mean you.

Not the person who already has enough spare time (+ savings) to sling on a backpack for a bit of wanderlusting.

Not the person who doesn’t have other people (often tiny ones) relying on her 24/7.

Not the person who believes adventure can only be found up a mountain or jumping out of a plane (those adrenalin-junkies…jealous much?).

I created The Everyday Adventure precisely to help people, like you, access joy, fun + innate playfulness, even if their life feels anything but.

The Everyday Adventure merges self-help with surprising delight. It’s for people who hope + wonder if there’s more to life than a never-ending list of jobs. I created this challenge specifically for those who want life to feel like a joyful adventure without the practical strain or financial investment that usually accompanies a huge life overhaul.

Read on for more details!

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Welcome to the Everyday Adventure Fun-Life Challenge!

What is it, exactly?

9 weeks of ridiculously easy-to-implement content to get you loving life again. An affordable, actionable series of techniques and tips

to awaken your inner child.

You’ll also be supported by a community – so you can’t slack off + fall back into energy-zapping habits.


And the best part?

This stuff doesn’t expire. Once you have it, you can whip it out anytime your life starts to get you down.

Think of this challenge as an early intervention. Before you do something drastic, or things get to the point you need to seek professional help (no shame, by the way). This early intervention can get you feeling light + free again, before you sink further into drudgery.

What does it look like?

You, connecting the dots between what lights you up + what you’re actually doing, so you can:

    • Remember + reconnect to the ways you personally experience joy, fulfilment + excitement.

    • Learn how to eat for energy so you can leap out of bed in the morning (you need energy to sustain your new adventures).

    • Master the art of movement (that’s code for exercise… don’t let it scare you).

    • Master the art of saying ‘no’, learn how to avoid or limit toxic people + situations that zap your joy.

    • Too much pressure to change too much at once? Relax, recharge, check in and consolidate some changes.


    • Discover small ways to get out of your comfort zone (because we all know that’s where the magic is).

    • Re-discover your innate creativity (creative expression is at the heart of an adventurous life).

    • Plan, create and most importantly — enjoy — your own Staycation. A holiday at home? Yes, oh yes.

    • Acquire the life-long skills to make your whole life an adventure with the Fun Life Intensive.

    All of this is delivered in 9 awesome playbooks delivered directly to your inbox with the extra support of a private facebook forum.

    Let’s be honest

    You’re checking your inbox + social media feeds incessantly anyway. My guess is, you’re filling up on a lot of junk (food, thoughts, information) so let’s fill you up on the good stuff instead. Don’t get me wrong, if I could send this stuff via a quaint carrier pigeon I would, but email + facebook is easier. And it’s there to support the start of your journey to a better life.

    Buy Now for Only $47

    Saying YES to the Everyday Adventure Fun-Life Challenge!

    Means you can download bite-sized nuggets of life-changing material + implement it into your life. All you need to bring is a willingness to open, every-so-slightly, to the life you really want (and deserve to have).

    Because although life isn’t all sunshine, rainbows + unicorns, I deeply believe that you have the right to live your life as though it was a wonderful, exciting adventure. I also know that this is entirely possible.

    Imagine having the techniques + resources needed to make life fun again…. to get you out of your slump now, and at any stage in the future?

    One final thing

    I believe that when you learn how to infuse everyday with light, fun + wondrous possibility, you can reclaim the person you used to be…..

    Just to be clear: I haven’t always been an incurable optimist. I worked for over a decade in a corporate job that depleted my energy + joy reserves. When I changed jobs, I realised I was pregnant, endured a tough pregnancy, worked through relationship issues, had a baby who screamed until I developed post-natal depression, and even had my best friend break up with me. While I hit rock bottom before deciding to rebuild my life based around fun, adventure + purpose — you don’t need to get to your lowest point before you turn your life around.

    I created the Everyday Adventure Challenge, knowing full well that choosing to access your joy is one of the most empowering things you can do.

    You can choose something that will help you access joy from where you are right now.

    You can choose to do this challenge.

    I hope you do,

    Love Sam XO

    Sign up to the Everyday Adventure Challenge today.

    P.S Go on, I dare you…

    Buy Now for Only $47