How to Parent Like a Total Legend


I have a child. Sometimes I think I am a child, but I’m the only one who does any cooking.


I have a hub. He is a legend. He’s also much calmer than me, quieter, stable in his energy (whereas I swing wildly from highs to lows and everything in between), when he plays with the little dude he plays quietly, while I dance and shout and sing loud enough to hurt Hub’s ears (though, ok, I have to be honest and admit that his ears might hurt no matter the volume at which I sing).

So the other day, I was playing with my kidlet. We were doing aeroplanes, where I lie on my back and push him up into the air on my feet, then he ‘flies’ down by kicking his legs into the air and falling onto me. The whole process made the Hub cringe with fear of smashed heads, while I thought it was hilarious. As, obviously, did the little dude.

From aeroplane rides, the dude lay across me and started rolling up and down my body, squashing my face, tickling me (he learned from the best, after all) and screaming with delight.


Then he started biting my nose. I call it biting, but there was a lot of tongue involved. He stuck it right up my nostrils and bruised the bridge of my nose with his teeth, but kept squealing with laughter so I let him do it.

He tried combining the two, rolling on my head and sticking out his tongue. I’m not exactly sure what was going on but there was a lot of slobber involved. At one point his tongue touched my tongue and I shouted to the big dude, “I think I just pashed our child!”

And then he rolled off me, and lay face down on the ground, and started to cry.

I sat up and pulled him to stand. He howled in that way only toddlers can.

I asked him quietly, ‘Would you like a little cuddle and a tickle with mummy?’

He replied through his tears, ‘No. I want daddy’.

And he toddled into the kitchen for a cuddle with his calm parent.

I think we can all agree, that’s legendary parenting at its finest! One to excite him, one to comfort him, and the best of both worlds for the little dude.

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