What If The Life You’ve Yearned For Was as Easy as One Simple Shift?

What if the thing that’s stopped you from losing weight, feeling calm and energized, finding or rekindling love and living with ease and purpose was not nearly as big, scary, hard or complicated as you thought?

What if, in fact, it was so simple, it’s been hiding “right in front of you?”

What if, instead of long, hard, complicated, denial-driven programs and interventions, getting what you want, FEELING the way you want to feel was really a matter of one simple shift?

And what if you could learn what that shift is, and be supported like never before by an intimate group of 4 to 6 women, your like-minded champions, without judgment, to help you make it happen?

Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to experience in our powerful 4-week Simple Shift.

Often when we think about making changes in our life, we overcomplicate and then we find excuses.

I want to be happier….

  • so I need a new job and new friends and a new gym membership and a whole new wardrobe. But I need the money from my job and I don’t want to ditch all my friends and I have no discipline so I won’t go to the gym every day…

I want to lose weight….

  • so I need to eat only organic and I can’t afford that and I don’t have any time to cook and I can’t ever eat out with my friends anymore…

I want to be healthier….

  • so I have to stop drinking completely for a month and only eat mung beans and meditate for 20 minutes morning and night and who has time for that anyway???

I want a life full of experiences that bring me alive….

  • so I need to ditch my family and go travelling around the world, and maybe learn to dance the tango, only I don’t want to leave my family, I love my home, and I’ve never been that excited about dancing…

“When you’re lost in those woods, it sometimes takes you a while to realize that you are lost. For the longest time, you can convince yourself that you’ve just wandered off the path, that you’ll find your way back to the trailhead any moment now. Then night falls again and again, and you still have no idea where you are, and it’s time to admit that you have bewildered yourself so far off the path that you don’t even know from which direction the sun rises anymore.”

– Elizabeth Gilbert

Change can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be!

The Simple Shift Challenge is all about simple changes, supported challenges, and being intentional about creating the life you want – in the simplest way possible.

We’ll meet for four weeks in a row, to take small steps in a supporting, safe environment.

You’ll start getting clearer and taking concrete steps towards:

  • What you’re doing to be happy;
  • Whether you look after yourself the way you want to;
  • How much time you spend looking after other people, and looking after yourself;
  • How to create the community that you need around you to provide the support that you want and need;
  • Challenging yourself to take mini-adventures, and get the excitement back into your days;

Simply. No need for huge life transformations, small steps will take you in the right direction in a way you can maintain. Studies have shown that small, consistent shifts with proven methods of goal setting and support from like-minded people is what supports long-term transformation.

“When a woman conceives her true self, a miracle occurs and life around her begins again.”

– Marianne Williamson

So what’s the format?

Maximum six participants, this is a supported, intimate, group shift experience. You will support others, and be supported yourself as you reach for your dreams and make change happen.

Meet-up 1:

6-8pm at a secret activity destination! (within a 10km radius of Sydney CBD) You’ll be meeting your fellow simple shifters, joining in on a fun activity, laughing and planning your goals for the month with guided facilitation.

Meet-up 2:

630-730 pm. Meditation, creating love (and making friends), celebrating your wins and supporting each other in your goals.

Meet-up 3:

630-730pm. Meditation, creating love (and making friends), celebrating your wins and supporting each other in your goals.

Meet-up 4:

630-8pm. Celebrations, friendship, sharing love and planning the next steps.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to be a bit more hopeful about what life holds for you?

Are you ready to receive the support of other women, like you, who are all ready to make waves and changes in their own lives?

Are you ready to support other women in making their dreams come true?

Upcoming Dates

No new groups planned right now…

… but if you think this sounds like the best thing since sliced bread then get in touch via my contact form and we’ll chat about bringing a group together.

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”

– Thomas Jefferson

You might be thinking: I just don’t have time…

But sometimes, it’s time to make the time. If YOU don’t focus on making your life one that you love, and giving yourself the give of self-care and self love, then who will?

You might be thinking: I’m not ready to share where I’m at with a group of people.

However, you will find out that you are not alone. We can’t let our fears hold us back from change and growth. If you’ve read this far, you know there’s something more to life than this. You’re ready to embrace it, and you’re ready to take back control of your time, your life and your emotions. That includes the fear that’s letting you stay stuck. Take this first step, and see what magic unfolds for you.

You might be thinking: I can’t afford this.

Now ask yourself if you can afford not to. Are you happy with your life? Really happy? Have you told yourself you’ll make changes and then not made them? Are you ready to shake things up a little bit, without having to quit your job, break up with your husband and move to the other side of the world?

Are you ready to start living the life you know you want?

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

– Maya Angelou