When was the last time you did something for the first time?

You don’t have to leave your life to come back to life – join the:

Sydney Scavenger Hunt

When you get to work on Monday morning, have awesome stories to tell about your weekend (none of this, ‘ohh I just had a quiet one again’).

See more of Sydney, giggle with your friends, do something ridiculous.

See a new side of the city!

Try new things, meet new people, laugh till your sides hurt.

Explore the City, Have Fun, Meet New Friends

This is for you if:

  • You don’t want to spend another Saturday doing the same old thing;
  • You love exploring the city (or are ready to explore it for the first time);
  • You want to spend your Saturday afternoon doing a few things you might not have done before;
  • You’re ready to make some new friends, either in your team or along the route;
  • You want to have a bit of fun!!

This is NOT for you if:

  • You hate being in big crowds (we’re going to be in a busy part of the city);
  • You don’t want to risk making a fool of yourself in any way at any point (there are some challenges where you have to talk to strangers to get help, or ask questions of people, or do activities in public);
  • Meeting new people makes you feel horribly uncomfortable.
  • You don’t ever feel like your weekends could do with a bit more adventure;

Tickets $25

How does it work?

    • Form a team of 3-4 friends. If you’ve got less than 3and need a team then I will hook you up, I love matchmaking friends!
    • Meet on the grass just south of the MCA (check out the map below for the exact location) at 12:30pm on Saturday 26th September to register and collect your team instructions (and meet your team if you haven’t already);
    • Head off into the world at 1pm!
    • Follow your instructions to find new places, speak to people, complete little challenges, take lots of photos and see things you haven’t walked past before;
    • Spend 2 hours completing and finding as many of the items on the instructions sheet as possible. Explore, laugh, enjoy!
    • Return to the finishing point (in the instructions sheet) by 3pm and hand in your answers;
    • Eat, drink and be merry for half an hour while results are tallied*;
    • *(price of eating and drinking not included in the ticket – though being merry will be 100% on the house)
    • Find out who the winners are at 3:30pm. The fame! The glory! The free prizes for the winners!
    • Go home happy. Tell your friends how awesome it was. Feel smug about how many Likes the Facebook pictures of you having the MOST FUN SATURDAY EVER got;

    Tell Me The Details!



    • Saturday, 26th September
    • Start 12:30pm
    • End 3:30pm

    Arrival and Movements:

    • Arrive at 12:30pm to collect your scavenger hunt instructions
    • Make sure you know your team name for collection
    • Return to the finishing spot by 3pm to hand in your questions
    • Bring about $20 for purchases along the route
    • Winners and prizes will be announced at 3:30pm!

    Where we’ll meet:

    Look for a bundle of balloons on the grass in front of the MCA, right where the arrow is pointing.

    What people say about The Everyday Adventure Scavenger Hunts

    Marsha S

    Marsha S, Yes Yes Marsha

    The scavenger hunt that Sam from The Everyday Adventure organised was INCREDIBLE.

    As soon as we got the list of items, our team was totally impressed with how detailed, well thought out and clear they were. What we hadn’t bargained on was how much fun they would be to do – and the added bonuses of us seeing so much of the city, and getting to know our team mates so much better.

    As well as some fun and thrilling activities, we also had some that involved gentle, quality time together (like a ride on a ferris wheel and walks along interesting bridges). Without this hunt, there’s no way I would have explored the city as much on my own. And I got to learn so much about the city!


    Marcie, San Francisco

    Samantha Sutherland is a genuine treasure.  She is a joy to be around. Her laughter is contagious. Her spirit lights up the room.  The sparkle in her eyes puts you instantly at ease.

    I recently had the pleasure of participating in her Scavenger Hunt.  Judging from the course, she knew the city like a local.  It was a great way to discover the town.  Large and small, fun and challenging . . . Sam set a course that all levels of participants could engage in, including me and I can have a tendency toward curmudgeonry, especially when it comes to games. This event absolutely delighted.

    Rachel S

    Rachel S, Mind Body Wise

    There is no better (or more fun) way to explore and discover any city than doing The Everyday Adventure’s Scavenger Hunt!

    Our adventure was filled with laughs and varied, yet attainable, challenges that helped us to work together as a team while doing and seeing things we never would have if we explored the city on our own.

    I had a blast and can’t wait to do another one!

    Peter M

    Peter M, Netcito

    You picked awesome places!  I learned things about Chicago that I would never have discovered on my own.  You found the hidden gems that would have been invisible to a regular tourist.  I got to see Chicago in an entirely new way through the Cultural Center and the ferris wheel.

    It helped me realize my own capacity for stretching beyond my comfort zone.  I developed my own capacity for resourcefulness and resilience.  At one point my phone almost died. Normally I would have just sucked it up.  But I was in a competition, so I asked a barista for a charge and ultimately ended up getting a customer who was a total stranger to help me out.

    Join the Sydney Scavenger Hunt Now

    Tickets $25

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q.Where are we meeting?

      A.Meet on the grass next to Christ Church Spitalfiends, Commercial St, London E1 6LY. That’s on the grass, on the grass, on the grass!! 😀

    • Q.What time does it start?

      A.Registration begins at 12:30pm, the hunt itself heads off no later than 1pm, so if you’re late you miss time out and about.

    • Q.How does it work?

      A.When you register you’ll receive all your instructions. There will be a list of things to find/challenges to do/places to go, and various ways of proving that you’ve done it. You have 2 hours to do or find as many of the challenges as you can before handing in your answers. There will be marking time for the answers, and then winners will be announced!

    • Q.What do we win?

      A.Aside from the GLORY, the winning team will all win free entry into Everyday Evolution – a life changing program to gently challenge yourself physically, emotionally and creatively, valued at $47pp.

    • Q.What do I have to wear?

      A.You’ll be on the move for two hours, so wear shoes you can walk in. Other than that, whatever you feel comfortable in!

    • Q.How much will it cost me along the way?

      A.There are a few challenges along the way that may cost a small amount of money. Please bring about twenty quid to cover those costs.

    • Q.Do I have to make up my own team?

      A.No! Teams are made up of up to four people. If you do have your own team – great! When you purchase your tickets please make sure every team member includes your team name so I know who to pair you with. If you have a team of less than four and are open to having new friends join you – great! Please put your team name and the word ‘Open’ in the comments when you purchase. If you don’t have your own team – great! Just write ‘find me a team’ in the team name and I’ll sort you out with some new friends!