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Mt Bullar

My Week in Pics – Serenity and the Outdoors

I just got back from a Road Trip! We travelled out to country Victoria for a bit of family time. There was patchy reception out there, so I’m checking in a bit late. I hope your adventures have continued! Monday On Monday the little dude cried and cried. I ended up crying too, rang the […]

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Samantha Sutherland

My Weeks in Pics – Lots of People

These weekly posts are like my little illustrated gratitude journal*. I love looking back and reminding myself what a rad time I had last week! Incidentally, I got an email today from The Happiness Institute saying that it’s helpful to remember positive events, because: Remembering positive events creates powerful positive emotions that then assist us […]

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I Ain’t Got Time For No Fun!

I hear (a LOT) from people who just don’t have enough time for fun! To that, I say the dog ate my homework!* You have to choose the life you live, and you can choose it one minute at a time. When you’re really busy and rushed off your feet? That’s when it’s the most […]

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The Biggest Thing You’ve Never Regretted

What’s the biggest thing you’ve never regretted? I used to take lots of risks. Then I grew up. Or got older, at least, and started worrying about money, settling down, putting my nonexistent kids through school… and the risk-taking dried up. All of a sudden I realised I was a bit afraid of change (when […]

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Here to get happy

Why Are We Here?

I’m Sam. I’m 30-something and I live in Sydney, Australia with my husbandito and a bump that’s about to pop. I spent 10 years in the corporate world before the pull for ‘more’ got too strong for me to ignore. So I qualified as a holistic health coach at IIN in New York, changed my […]

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