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#100DaysOfHappiness Day 2


Hi friends! I’ve just started a new challenge, and I would LOVE for you to join me! You can do it from anywhere, you don’t need any special equipment to start, you can start right now, and it’s guaranteed to make you happier. 100 Days of Happiness. The challenge: Every day, do one thing that makes […]

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Commit to Embracing Joy

Do you really embrace joy? Many of us know we want to be happier. Often, we also know a few things we could do to help ourselves along the path to happiness. But do you commit to doing them? Do you look after yourself and your emotions? Do you take time to do the things […]

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Samantha Sutherland

5 Steps to Live Freely

I would love for you to join me living a free, adventurous life. As I’ve been exploring myself, my dreams and my fears, five words keep coming up: Joy Light Freedom Connection Adventure These words are what I want to live by. When I do, and I’m in my flow, then I’m happy. Life is […]

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The Everyday Adventure

This Is What Personal Growth Looks Like

I never really used to think about personal growth. I lived my life, followed a sensible path with my career and had adventures in the world. I didn’t think I needed personal growth. Then, everything crashed down around me. You know how sometimes if you don’t listen to a message that the universe is trying […]

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