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I wrote an awesome list of 50 things to do right now for fun (you can get a copy by entering your deets in the pink box at the bottom of the page).

One of the five-minuters is to meditate. I have been experimenting with meditation for a while now, trying to chill out the chatter in my mind. I wrote this article a while ago about how difficult I found it, but I’m happy to report it’s getting easier!

The Everyday Adventure

This is what I’ve been experimenting with:


This is an app for everyday mindfulness, and was really helpful in getting me started. One of the tracks is a connection meditation, where as you walk along you look at people and think ‘have a lovely day. You, have a lovely day!’

I was love-bombing people along Bondi beach one day when I walked past a couple. When they were about 20 metres past me the woman ran back shouting excuse me! Then asked whether I had an iPhone, because ‘it’s my husband’s birthday and I want to take pictures of everything we do today, and I forgot my phone’.

I took a totally pro shot of them with the beach as a backdrop then as I was sending it to her said ‘it’s so funny that you stopped me, because I was literally just doing this meditation and wished you both a lovely day!’. The husband roared with laughter and said it’s obviously working, and she said it was my little smile that made her run back after me.

Simple and happy!

Yoga Nidra

This recording is from my life-changing mentor Sam who I’ve mentioned gushingly before. I’m still gushing.

Yoga nidra means yogic sleep. You go through the parts of your body, relaxing into the ground as you lay there, then take a journey into the garden of your soul. To be honest, I’ve listened to another version of this track at least 20 times, and can’t remember making it to the end, ever. I ALWAYS fall asleep (this afternoon I did it after I put the little dude down, fell asleep on the floor, and woke up when the dude called out! Ha). But I gather you get the benefits even if you fall asleep.


This is literally ‘the withdrawal of senses’. So I use an eye mask and ear plugs, lie on te floor trying not to think (and we all know how easy that is!). It’s about trying to achieve total nothingness, even for a moment. I have just worked my way up to 7 minutes, and have to try to drop into it in the stillness at the end of the out breath.

Grounding, Heart Opening and Calm Mind Meditations

Dave is an energy healer who I’ve used a few times. The first time I went if I’d had anything to eat or drink in the appointment I would have thought he’d drugged me, it was that powerful!

He has a series of guided meditations that I have found beautiful and effective. Ground yourself, calm your mind, open your heart. These are good ones.

So give yourself 5 minutes of calmness if that’s all you have time for, or try out a longer guided meditation if you’re feeling brave.

Let me know how you go!

I’ll be checking back in soon with another of my 50 awesome things.

Xx Sam

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