Ten Things I Dig, a Few Days After Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving* so I thought I’d give thanks for all the things I’m loving right now.

Things I Heart v2

I’m not into gratitude journaling. I get the idea (give thanks, realise what you have instead of focussing on what’s lacking, yada yada yada) but it feels a bit contrived to me.

But life is good at the moment**, so today I’m going to tell you what I’m digging, and be thankful.

1. My new boy. He’s a cutie!

2. The new swing I got for him. When he’s screaming and unhappy, this thing magically stops him in his tracks.

3. The ridunkulous support from my hubster during this tough time with a newborn. Seriously so in love with this total legend.

4. James Atulcher’s book, Choose Yourself. And his blog. His Daily Practice inspired the start of my own. Get each pillar*** of health strong and an amazing life follows. And especially, having time to read it in bed, I heart reading in bed and have ever since I was a kid.

5. My Mastermind group of inspiring women and our fantastic coach Victoria Gibson. Victoria and her guest presenting sidekick Denise Duffield-Thomas whipped my butt into gear to start building a business and life I truly love.

6. My brand new trainer Leila Lutz from Momentum for Life. Personal training, nutrition, and holistic lifestyle coaching. She’s going to get rid of the post baby jiggle for me while balancing my chakras and looking after my chi!

7. This song, by John Legend. Obsessed, and have it on repeat all day long.

8. Farmers markets. I’ve been getting down to Bondi markets and buying my mate Jade’s raw treats (check out Make Your Life Amazing). I pretend they’re healthy and eat them for breakfast. I also discovered the World’s Best Yoghurt at Eveleigh markets, amazing green muesli-bar-thingos at Marrickville markets, and a complete lack of breakfast-friendly food at French’s Forest. Doing the rounds.

9. Stylin’ like a groover. I’m so not fashionable, and I love costume jewellery. I’ve still got a bit of baby jiggle, so enlisted the help of a stylist mate to help me pad out my wardrobe in size I (for Interim). So now I feel all groovy when I get dressed.^^

10. Getting Busy. I like being out and about, and having a full diary. I had to put a kaibosh on most of my plans recently while I stayed at home with the little dude and he screamed in my face. He’s getting happier, I’m getting happier, and we’re both getting out and about and meeting up with friends. Glorious friends. I love friends.


Tell me, what are you loving right now?

Xx Sam


*while I write this. But perhaps not while you read it. In fact, definitely not as I’m publishing it a week late!

**the highs and lows are extreme and close together these days, but right now, in this moment, life is good, I’m happy, and I love.

***physical, mental, spiritual and emotional

^Charlie…Cha Chi… the Cheech

^^I was wearing one of my stylist-approved outfits this morning. Then Charlie peed on me. I actually considered for a moment whether I could get away with wearing it.



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