What is the Happiness Adventure?

The Happiness Adventure is coming, and it’s going to be fantabulous!

Here’s a little sneak peek for you…

The Everyday Adventure

Of COURSE I wasn’t going to give it all away, I love a surprise and I’m hoping you do too!

So what’s it all about?

The holiday season is over, and lots of people are settling back into life as usual, work, the constant juggle of parenting, and the general busy-ness of life. Raise your hand if you’ve ever looked around at the end of a crazy busy day and thought ‘is this it?’.

*hands up!*

So I bring you, the Happiness Adventure:

Two weeks to find more fun, frivolity and freedom.

Each day over the two weeks, you’ll receive an email with a simple, achievable prompt; you know my Everyday Evolution motto – small steps lead to big change!

So plan it out, prepare for an email each morning, and then get excited about making one small change at a time, all leading you towards a life of more freedom!

Who designed the pretty page you see before you, you ask?

The indomitable Stacey from Cottontail Creative!  I totally recommend her if you’re looking for designer-y stuff to be done. They say you’ve either got it or you don’t and sadly, I don’t. So I find talented people like Stacey who do!

And aside from the design talent you see displayed before you, she was absolutely totally professional in all her dealings with me, particularly when we had a little misunderstanding. It was no problem at all because of her very clear and open communication. Now you can’t always say that about a supplier when things get mixed up over email.

If you use her, say hi from me! (I don’t get a kickback for that, just so you know, but it’s always nice to keep the community together).

Now get excited about the Happiness Adventure, coming soon!

Xx Sam

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