When a Good Job Isn’t Good Enough

I walked away from almost $300,000 a year and a ‘good’ job in January to shape my life on my terms and start to live an adventure.

On a Pony in Iceland (that's me in the middle)

On a Pony in Iceland (that’s me in the middle)

Lots of people didn’t understand. ‘How could you give up such a good job with good conditions and great pay??’

But the thing is, sometimes good pay and conditions isn’t enough.

We spend most of our life at work, and can’t pretend that how we spend our time doesn’t shape us. Spending most of every day doing something that didn’t bring me alive was slowly dulling me in all parts of my life.

I was earning good money, working good hours and had nice colleagues, but… But. I always thought there should be something more. I wanted more meaning, more flexibility, the ability to live my life on my terms, adventure! Yes, the money meant the husbandito and I could take nice holidays, but certainly not as often as we wanted, and although I tried to convince myself a number of times that I could have enough ‘life’ outside of ‘work’ it wasn’t working for me. I’d spent 4 years earning good money, and the bulk of that time yearning for something more.

Then I listened to This Is Water by David Foster Wallace. He says

The Rat Race. The constant, gnawing sense of having had and lost some infinite thing.

And I thought…that’s me.

I was sitting at my desk, day in and day out, dreaming of something bigger and better and brighter, wishing away the days for the nights and the weeks for the weekends, and dreaming that there must be something that I LOVE to do that means I can start to mix up my work and my play.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you think to yourself:

‘I should be happy with the pay and the fact my hours aren’t too bad, so I can afford to do fun stuff on the weekend.’

‘I liked it here at first but then it got a bit same-y, I’ve stopped learning and have just settled now’

‘My colleagues are all nice enough, what difference does it make if I wouldn’t actually choose to spend my weekends with them?’

I get it.

I loved the job when I first started there, I was meeting lots of people, learning new skills, doing well, but then… I stopped loving it. It was alright, but it wasn’t making me dream big, or live that dream. My colleagues were all nice enough, but I didn’t even consider inviting a single one to my wedding*. I bought a horse, and spent all my spare time there, but found myself trying to scheme how to get out of work and into my life.

And that, my friends, is no way to live.

So I took a gamble, and I walked away. I took a more than 60% pay cut to work less hours and make some space to really look at how I live, what makes me happy, and how to do more of that. Because only a life we love is truly a life.

Now I’m not saying if you’re discontent in a Good job that you should quit. But something’s got to give. You can leave, or you can find a way to bring some joy back to the Good job. Because if you don’t change something then you’ll slowly wear your Self away to the energy of being unhappy.

What do you think, was I crazy? Have you ever felt unhappy in a ‘good job’? What did you do?

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xx Sam

*I’d been working there for 2 years when I got married. It was a big deal for me when I realised that – I wasn’t spending my days with my tribe!



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2 Comments on When a Good Job Isn’t Good Enough

  1. Beth
    July 9, 2014 at 10:52 AM (4 years ago)

    I was nodding my head through this whole post … yes, yes, YES!!! That’s how I feel about my current job (and all the ones that came before it). It’s fine, it’s okay, I like my coworkers, BUT. It’s a total energy drain and I’m done with it! Quitting next month. *virtual high five*

    • samantha
      July 9, 2014 at 10:59 AM (4 years ago)

      *HIGH FIVE*!!!
      That’s fantastic that you’re quitting next month. It took me a while to realise what a huge energy and happiness drain it all was, and the money just wasn’t enough…
      Good luck with your changes! xx


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