Have You Been Hibernating All Winter? Well It’s Time To Start Living!

Winter is here, and even though Sydney’s been putting on a pretty good show, the days are still short and the mornings cold.

But the sun isn’t what makes you free…. YOU make you free. Come and open up to your dreams at the Everyday Adventure Winter Warmer Workshop and Afternoon Tea!

Learn how to unlock your hidden creativity, quiet that internal dialogue, map out how you really want to spend your days and meet other friendly women.

What’s It All About?

Create Your Day

  • Do you ever find yourself with spare time… and then you’re not even sure what to do with it?
  • Learn about the joy of living through play, every day;
  • Create a personalised action plan to bring the joy and daily adventure into your life;
  • Take home a clear reminder of what it is you love to do;
  • Never find yourself stuck without ideas again (watching TV doesn’t count as an activity!);
  • Reflection and meditation, open with love, end with love.

Create Your Life

  • Do you ever feel like your life is happening TO you, instead of being created by you?
  • Do you feel crazy busy, but the busy-ness isn’t full of things that make you happy?
  • Take control of your thoughts to take control of your life;
  • Learn how to silence that internal chatter (that’s often not all that nice);
  • Learn a simple, effective exercise to unlock the creativity that’s already inside you;
  • Unlock your hidden dreams to create a life that you love;
  • Release the business, and focus on the priorities that lead you in the direction of your dreams.

Create Connection

  • Make friends with a small group of fun-seeking women;
  • Play along in some indoor adventures to make you feel joyful and connected;
  • Enjoy a healthy afternoon tea together;
  • Create intentions with a roomful of women, using your collective energy to carry you forward!

Secure Your Spot – Just $40

“Spend the afternoon. You can’t take it with you.”

– Annie Dillard

  • Dare to Dream

    Think Big. Your dreams are real. To create a life you really love, you have to start by knowing what it is you even really love. What does your perfect day look like? Perfect days make up your perfect life. “What we do with this hour, and that one, is what we are doing” (said Annie Dillard).

  • Seek Freedom

    Freedom is the foundation for creating a better life and a better world. If we’re free, we make the people around us free. Learn a simple tool to help create space, freedom and creativity. Creativity to change your beliefs and your life. Be free. Believe. Let your light shine and the lights around you will take on that glow as well.

  • Create Lasting Connections

    Smile with a stranger. Make new friends. Laugh till your belly hurts. Bring some joy back to your life with simple, real connection. One of my strongest drivers, I love to love. Do you? Let’s have a big ol’ love in with each other. Hold hands and sing kumbaya. Or at least break bread together while we share some dreams and smiles.

  • Live the Everyday Adventure

    Let’s dream up our adventurous lives. Leave with an action plan to create the daily adventure. No need to get on a plane or quit your job. Have adventures right where you are. Live through play, every day.

Come Along to the Winter Warmer!

What, When, Where



  • Saturday, 23rd August
  • Start 2pm
  • Finish 5pm
  • Fun, interactive activities, use the group dynamic to carry you forward;
  • Motivating presentations and discussions;
  • Individual and group workshop exercises so you leave inspired!

What You Leave With

  • A surprise goody bag of take home love;
  • Free entry to the Everyday Adventure Online Challenge;
  • Workbook print outs to take home with you and continue the momentum;
  • A beautiful journal to capture your journey.

Where We’ll Be

  • Cozy beachside location in Coogee, Sydney with fantastic views out over the ocean;

Join Us! Tickets Only $40

“Happiness is not something ready-made, it comes from your own actions.”

– Dalai Lama

Take Action – Join Us!