Done right, strengths and strategy development can improve productivity, increase quality or output and make staff happier and more satisfied.

Research* is now proving that happier people are more productive at work. It’s also been shown that when management spends time developing their team’s strengths, employees feel more engaged and valued**.

It’s also proving that time spent having fun improves creative thinking and team morale.

For you, that means you enjoy being at work more, you get more done and you connect better with your team. If you lead a team by having fun and valuing strengths and development, then you’ll end up with an innovative, energised, spirited team.

So let’s never have another team day ruined by being cooped up in a stuffy room playing terrible games.

I know you’ve had training days where the facilitator has no connection to corporate reality. We all have.

I think we can all agree that sitting in a circle receiving “feedback” from each of our coworkers and then thanking them for it is not a good way to improve relationships (especially when your boss is included in the feedback circle. Yeah – give your boss completely brutal feedback and there won’t be any negative repercussions for your career at all! This is a saaaafe spaaaaace).

And also, there’s no point taking development workshops from someone who doesn’t understand the realities of the corporate world. Yes, we’d all love to be told to go home at 5pm to reduce stress, but that’s not always possible.

Who is Samantha Sutherland?

With 14 years corporate experience across multiple sectors, in senior roles reporting to Executive Committees and Boards, I have managed teams of up to 25 and run enterprise-wise billion dollar projects coordinating inter-departmental teams and project streams.

I understand the corporate environment, because I have been working IN it for many years. I am now an expert in tools and techniques to identify strengths, develop them in your team and organise output around utilising those strengths.

I emphasise long-term relationships, ensuring that any workshop or training outcomes are translated into real tangible actions and results through ongoing support and development. The benefits of any development expenditure is only realised if there is an actual change in outcomes, performance engagement and happiness and I support and facilitate the ongoing application of development.

I recognise that each person has professional strengths and weaknesses that they bring to their role, but also that they are individual people with their own personalities, which is why I offer both professional services and team celebrations.

You can’t pretend that you’re not shaped by who you spend time with, and what you spend that time doing…

So I’ve created a team building formula that you won’t want to escape from. I focus on building strengths, shaping teams around those strengths, having fun, celebrating in a way that doesn’t make you all cringe and actually improving bonds between teams.

And I’ve created a scavenger hunt that will provide a bit of healthy competition, problem solving, the great outdoors and movement, all followed by some relaxed socialising, so you can actually ENJOY your team celebration.

Imagine hosting a team building day that everyone couldn’t stop talking about – for all the right reasons.

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*Research from the University of Warwick

**More research from Gallup