An End and a Beginning, Alphabet Dating Reaches Z

Have you been following the A to Z of Romance with Alphabet Dating? They are alph-tastic.

We finally got to Z! The adventure is over, and we’re looking for inspiration for our next theme, so if you have any ideas please put a suggestion in the comments below!


Now let me tell you about Z date…

We started with dinner. A new restaurant’s opened in Coogee, handily called Zambrero. Perfect for Z date! Also perfect for the feels, as for every meal purchased they donate a meal to a community in need. Look how excited I am!!

Z Date

Chris forgot to make a reservation but we walked down and took our chances… and discovered it’s more like a takeaway kebab shop, so we were fine without the booking.

We took our Mexican wraps to the bottle shop where we bought matching Mexican beers and then took all our Mexican loot to the beach to eat by the seagulls and a have a yak (so close! Not quite a z-word though).

From there, to the Randwick RitZ (Z is tough, okay you guys?) to watch Spectre. I LOVE going to the movies. The only thing I didn’t like about part two of Z date was that I was too full from dinner to also eat popcorn. And the movie. Seriously, Bond is for boys. I’ve decided not to watch another Bond movie.

Z Date 2

But I still loved making the Hub hold my hand throughout!

Then, the best part of all… my mum took the little dude for the night so we could get a full night of ZZZzzzzzz’s! Ahh sweet sleep. I don’t think we would have done the same thing with that set of Zzz time pre-baby, but I’m becoming resigned to the fact that life has changed. Sleep is my most treasured commodity.

So that’s it! The full alphabet!

Now we need new inspiration for adventures in romance, what suggestions have you got for me?

Love you from A to Z!

Xx Sam


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